50 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things People Have Actually Posted On Facebook

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1.On grandmas:

person confusing salmonella with sell my nanaa

2.On English:

person who says no english word except good has a double o and someone says try reading a book

3.On protesting:

person who says America was not started by protesters and the other person says you are aware of the Boston Tea Party

4.On the grand old flag:

person who says if you like Bernie go to Canada, and they use the flag of Liberia

5.On the vastness of space:

facebook post of someone who says the sun is not 93 million miles away because the sun is big in the sky

6.On mammals:

facebook post about a person who says humans aren't mammals

7.On pirates:

facebook post reading omg as if i have just found out that pirates are acsually real

8.On meat:


9.On the metric system:

Map of the world highlighting countries that don't use the metric system and Alaska is highlighted and a person responds that Alaska is not a country
Facebook / Via Ranker.com

10.On South Africa:

person who doesn't understand that South Africa can be a country

11.On pity:

person confusing symphony with sympathy

12.On Native Americans:

person who thinks Native Americans aren't Americans

13.On fridges:

Marketplace ad reading "Fridge raider"

14.On the Bible:

person who says Jesus is American

15.On cows:

facebook post reading can you buy cows milk abroad

16.On the sun:

facebook event of a woman asking to reschedule a solar eclipse
Getty / Via me.me

17.On relaxation:

facebook post of a person saying they've been trying new ways to relax including essential oils and incest

18.On baking:

facebook post of someone saying they're baking cookies and need to double the recipe so they're going to set the oven to 800

19.On farming:

facebook post of an article about farmer problems and someone says why is there a need for farmers when most people just go to the grocery store
Getty / Via reddit.com

20.On sexual orientation:

facebook post of someone posting a form asking sexual orientation and they're mad straight isn't an option but it says heterosexual

21.On safe cooking:

raw chicken that the person is calling medium rare

22.On subscriptions:

person asking if there's a subscription for books and someone answers it's called a library

23.On headphones:

someone selling wireless apple earbuds with the wire cut off

24.On dinosaurs:

facebook post of someone saying if dinosaurs became extinct a million years ago why is early 2019

25.On dogs:

facebook post of a person saying dogs can't talk to they don't have brains

26.On washing dishes:

facebook post of someone who dried to clean plates in a dryer

27.On the dinosaurs:

facebook post reading how is it that cavemen survived the asteroid but the dinosaurs didn't

28.On haircuts:

facebook post reading i cuted my hair and it went back to curly

29.On math:

facebook post of someone messing up an easy math problem royally

30.On boards:

facebook conversation of someone who misspells "bored" as "board"

31.On books:

person sayinig they have a short tension span

32.On the only way to cook food:

marketplace ad reading, "over the counter Michael wave"

33.On the best smelling furniture:

person calling a chair ass scent chair

34.On the climate:

person calling it glow ball warning

35.On candles:


36.On Rome:

tweet of someone asking if there's a Rome in Italy

37.On seating:

Marketplace ad reading, "IKEA folder bull chairs"


Facebook reply to an article about NASCAR banning Confederate flags saying that NASCAR is a scam because they never went to the moon

39.On sports:

Facebook post about how complicated American football is and how the rest of the world can't handle it but a reply says they have it in Europe

40.On grandmas:

Marketplace ad reading, "My grams abdomen"

41.On poops from another universe:

Marketplace ad reading, "Portal potty"

42.On electricity:

facebook post of someone trying to put an outlet cover on backwards

43.On guns:

person who argues about gun control with someone from Panama

44.On Barb's husband:


45.On the perfect couch:

Marketplace ad reading, "Foot on bed"

46.On cafes:

person who says everyone in cafes is below them and the someone says judging by this comment literally nobody is below you

Got 'eem.


47.On the sun:

picture of the sun burning and the person is like how can it burn in space without oxygen
Facebook / Via Getty

48.On marriage:

person who says sex is for marriage and someone responds sorry didn't you have a kid out of wedlock

49.On speed:

person who says they ran a 5k in 12 min and someone says thats the world record

50.And on books:

facebook post reading book reading are ever reading and never coming to true knowledge reading books makes you dumber

Finally, someone told it like it is about books.