5 wellness tips from Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin

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MAKERS is all about creating equity for women in the workplace and beyond. In The Know spoke with MAKERS change agent, makeup artist, activist and Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin about the five wellness tips she’s recently started embracing.

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1. Take Rest Days

“When I’m stressed out, when I’m filled with anxiety, I like to pause,” Oyeneyin tells In The Know. “I try to surrender the moments and let go of the fact that I’m not in control. I’m the gatekeeper of my own peace and success.”

2. Drink More Water

Although it can be a challenge, she tries to start every morning with two glasses of water.

“When I do it, I feel already accomplished. It feels like I’m starting my day with a big win,” she says. “So I’m setting my day off with more wins to come.”

3. Unplug from Tech 

It’s never a bad idea to reduce screen time or do away with apps that don’t make you feel like your best self.

“Over the last year, I began to change my relationship with my phone, with social media, with technology,” Oyeneyin says. “Putting away my phone, closing and deleting apps to come back to the center. To focus on nothing but the present.”

4. Respect Your Body

The fitness instructor tries to accept and respect her body no matter what life’s changes may bring.

“It’s taking 36 years for me to find this relationship with myself, with my body, where I truly appreciate my body for what it is,” she says.

“Sometimes, my body changes. Sometimes, my body looks different, but it’s always still my body. So I treat my body with respect — respecting the words I say to myself, the fuel I put in my body and the way I allow the engine to run.”

5. Learn to Say “No” When It Protects the Soul

Oyeneyin has also learned to embrace saying “no” without any caveats.

“I say ‘no’ when it protects the good of my soul,” she says. “I give necessary no’s to open up space for ‘hell yes.’ Every time I say a ‘no’ to something, I give space for ‘yes’ somewhere else.”

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