5 Unusual Wedding Day Stress Relievers That Actually Work

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Yep, a healthy meal on the day of the wedding definitely helps. (Photo: Getty Images)

For some brides, the stress they felt during wedding planning is nothing to what they feel on their big days. “Brides who take on too much tend to be more stressed, especially if they haven’t asked for enough help when they needed it,” explains Jesse Tombs, senior event producer for Alison Events. “And someone who’s tightly wound will be stressed out in any high-stakes situation, including their wedding.”

If you find yourself too stressed to enjoy your wedding day, try out one (or more!) of these tips from Tombs to help you relax.

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Eat something nutritious.
Stress often makes us crave sugar and empty calories — but when you come off that icing-filled high, you’ll feel lower (and more crazed) than you did before. A healthful snack will give you the right kind of lasting energy to power through.

Take a yoga class.
“We love to schedule a yoga class for the wedding party the morning of the big day!” says Tombs, who touts yoga’s ability to de-stress and focus a bride-to-be and her ‘maids.

Take a brisk walk with a friend or family member.
A quick walk around the block — no casual sauntering allowed! — will help you expel some extra energy so you can return to your getting ready suite more calm.

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Dip into a hot tub.
A sauna works, too! “They’re always relaxing,” says Tombs, and if you anticipate needing a nice hot soak to calm your nerves, be sure to book a hotel that offers spa services.

“Have a stiff drink,” Tombs says.
Just be sure to keep it to one!

By Jillian Kramer

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