5 Tinted Moisturizers for When You Want a Flake-Free, Matte Finish

Nikki Brown

We tend to associate tinted moisturizer with a dewy, healthy-looking glow. We also assume that everyone wants that wet finish. Au contraire—not so much. For people with oily skin or people who simply don’t want their skin to look that hydrated, the best matte tinted moisturizer will do, as long as it’s the kind of matte finish that doesn’t produce flakes or look unnatural.

Come summer, the type of makeup you wear will ultimately be impacted by humid weather. Mascara could run, foundation may melt, and lipstick will undoubtedly need more than a few touchups. Setting spray will only take you so far, which is why tinted moisturizer is everyone’s favorite product to wear this time of year. It...

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