5 Things Humans Do That Might Be Hurting Their Dog's Feelings

As a dog owner, I strive to do everything I can to keep my fur babies happy, healthy, and entertained. Still, learning about dogs and how their minds work has helped me care for and bond with my pups more deeply than ever.

I've found many helpful social media resources when it comes to understanding the canine mind, including this TikTok video from @buddysmartz, the Golden Retriever. Of course, it's always ideal to fact-check information before taking it to heart, but it looks to me like this pup's parents have done their research! These 5 things that might hurt a dog's feelings are definitely worth learning about.

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It all makes sense! I never would've thought something like ignoring paw and ear scratching would make the list, but that is one telltale sign of allergies, fleas, or even stress. In fact, itchiness anywhere on the body can be a sign of allergies in dogs, so it's best not to ignore any kind of constant scratching, licking, or scooting.

The other 'faux paw' that pet parents can make are simply due to differences in communication. It can be incredibly difficult for dogs to understand punishment, so it's easier than you think to make a pup feel like they've done something wrong. And remember-- correcting or redirecting a behavior is not the same as punishment!

Number 3 can be difficult for some pet owners, as not everyone enjoys being licked. If that sounds like you, remember that you can always respond to your dog's affection with your own, different version of affection. Maybe giving them a good ear rub will get them to stop licking without letting them feel rejected! There are so many kind ways to tell a dog 'no,' and it's essential that owners familiarize themselves with these strategies.

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