5 Things Brides Always Forget When Planning The Welcome Party

Wedding welcome sign
Wedding welcome sign

One of the most exciting aspects of getting married is sharing the special day with your family and friends. Since many of them will be traveling to attend, some couples decide to hold a welcome party before the main event to thank their guests for taking the time (and spending the money) to be there. Like all wedding-related activities, this needs to be planned in advance. To make sure it goes perfectly, be sure to avoid these six mistakes.

Before you start planning any wedding-related activities, you need to sit down with both sets of parents and figure out who is paying for what. Don't assume if they are footing the bill for your big day that they also plan to cover the welcome party. Once you have a set budget, you'll know what you can include in this pre-wedding event.

Your budget will determine how many people you can afford to invite to the welcome party. However, etiquette dictates that if you are getting married locally, any out-of-town guests should be included. For a destination wedding, all of your guests should get an invite to the welcome party.

Guests need to be made aware of the date, time, dress code, and place for the welcome party. While you don't need to send out paper invitations, you should include the information on a card in your stationary suite. You should also put the info on your wedding website.

If you're on a tight budget, you don't need to spend a fortune on décor for your welcome party. Just a few simple touches that coordinate with the overall theme or vibe of your wedding day will suffice. Remember, this is a party, so you want it to look festive.

Ideally you will be serving your guests food and drinks at the welcome party. If your budget doesn't allow for an open bar, then you can always opt to cover food costs and have a cash bar. No matter what you choose, though, you need to inform your family and friends of your plans before they arrive.

Your guests have come from near and far to attend your wedding. The welcome party is a great time to thank them for being a part of this special weekend. You and your partner should prepare a few words to express your gratitude to everyone.