Dangerous TikTok trends have landed dozens of people in the hospital: 'Think of your dignity'

These days, TikTok is an essential part of Gen Z culture.

The platform now has one billion monthly active users and an ultra-curated algorithm that gets to know people better than their own mother does. It’s definitely super fun, but just like all the other fun apps, there are dangerous TikTok trends that can quite easily come to the surface.

Welcome to the In The Know Glossary, where we will break down the essential elements of Gen Z culture and where they originally came from. This week, we’re talking about TikTok trends you should avoid.

Gorilla Glue challenge

In February 2021, a woman named Tessica Brown revealed that her hair was stuck for weeks because she used Gorilla Glue instead of setting spray. She ended up needing to have the adhesive surgically removed.

To me, that sounds terrifying. To other young people, that sounded like a challenge. Multiple people ended up hospitalized after using the glue to style their own hair.

Here’s a tip for those of you hoping to try something new with your hair next season: Do not do that.

Burning pile challenge

Already sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?

This is a trend like many others all over the app — you start lip-syncing in casual clothes, then with a dramatic flourish and a few camera tricks, you appear magically dressed up.

The problem with that, though, is that the flourish involves an open flame, so you’re waving a lighter really close to your hair. On more than one occasion, a TikToker’s hair caught on fire. Stick to non-flammable trends, y’all.

Dry scooping

Speaking of things that just sound unpleasant, dry scooping is taking protein powder … raw.

Instead of mixing it with your drink, you just swallow the powder. It’s disgusting, but it’s supposed to give you a super energizing boost. TikTokers would attempt it, it would go hilariously wrong, then they would have this powerful caffeine buzz.

The problem? You’re supposed to dilute it for a reason! The human body wasn’t made to withstand that kind of vitamin intake, which is why that’s not how it’s advertised. If you have a heart condition — even one you don’t know about — there can be serious consequences. Just drink your little protein water and stay safe.

Milk crate challenge

The milk crate challenge got so popular on TikTok so quickly, the app itself actually issued a statement saying that this is way too dangerous.

Basically, the trend was to create a pyramid out of milk crates and try to climb to the top. I am not exaggerating when I say I did not see one single person pull it off. Only life-changing wipeouts out here.

I would recommend staying away from any trend whose entire purpose is to get you to go flying through the air and land on a plastic cube.

Toddler swing trend

In one of the most bizarre of the dangerous TikTok trends, full-grown adults and teenagers were climbing into swings made for babies, getting stuck, then being surprised about it, for some reason.

It was so bad in London that the fire department issued a statement saying they’ve had to rescue more than 20 people from swings since it started.

It’s extremely uncomfortable to get stuck in a swing, of course, but if that’s not enough of a deterrent for you, think of your dignity.

You’d have to look a fireman in the eye, know he’s diverting his attention from all those cats stuck in trees around town to get your adult body out of playground equipment meant for preschoolers. Just use a normal swing.

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