5-Second Video of Maine Coon Kitten Growing Over 230 Days Is Incredible

They grow up so fast, don't they? And by "they" we mean your pets. A video online shows a Maine Coon Cats stunning transformation from kitten to adult cat. And it does it in five seconds flat.

The time-lapse video was made and shared by "catographer" (that's cat photographer) Nils.

The video really is a work of art. It shows Maine Coon Pepper around her first birthday. Nils had taken many photos of the cat throughout her first year; each in the exact same spot with the exact same background. Born on May 7, 2023, you can see Pepper go from the smallest newborn kitten to a real and true adult kitty.

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"I posted a longer version of him a while ago," he explained in the caption. "They say Maine Coons are fully grown with 2.5 years, but I think the changes after year one are hard to notice," he added, before sharing that he plans on doing another photoshoot in six months when Pepper's winter coat comes in.

Many people noticed how much Pepper changed over a year. "Day 17 is so cute," wrote one person. "Blue to brown eyes!" another commenter exclaimed. "My cat just gave birth and they grow so fast," a third person shared. "I love this! I keep playing it on repeat looking at all the cool developments," someone else praised.

How Fast Do Maine Coons Grow?

Maine Coon Cats aren't the largest breed around, but they definitely are large cats and have pretty consistent growth spurts. From months three to seven, your Maine Coon kitten will gain about 1 kilogram per month. They have even more growth spurts at weeks 32 and 50.

At nine months, Maine Coons' growth tends to slow down, but it won't stop completely. In fact, these cats won't stop getting bigger until they're about four or five years old.

Maine Coons will also grow in weight as they get older too. Newborn kittens weigh about 90 - 170 grams (depending on whether they're a man or woman). At their full size, male Maine Coon Cats can weigh anywhere from 6.8 to 11.3 kilograms. While females can weigh 4.5 to 6.5 kilograms.

There are other factors that can change how big a Maine Coon can get. Like their genetic makeup, their gender, or whether they're mixed or purebred. You can impact how big your cat gets by making sure they get plenty or sleep, eat a healthy diet, and get plenty of activity.

We're excited to see how Pepper will grow and change next time. We guess Nils is going to have to post a part two.

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