5 Recyclable Wrapping Papers to Put Under Your Tree This Year

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Courtesy of Wrappily

bhg - $10 Available at Wrappily

bhg - $10 Available at Wrappily

bhg - $10 Available at Wrappily

bhg - $10 Available at Wrappily

bhg - $10 Available at Wrappily

I love wrapping Christmas gifts, and every year I choose new coordinating papers and bows to wrap my packages in. But as much as I love this tradition, I've learned that it's one of the most wasteful parts about the holiday season.

You can't recycle most wrapping papers because they're often coated in plastic or have shiny adhesive elements—which means an average of 4 million pounds of wrapping paper is tossed into the landfill each year. And while there are plenty of sustainable solutions (like wrapping gifts with fabric or making fabric gift bags), there's still nothing quite like ripping open paper on Christmas morning.

If you're like me and not quite ready to give up paper gift wrap this season, there is one option you can feel good about buying: Wrappily's gift wrap is 100% recyclable and compostable, and made with eco-friendly practices. And there's no boring kraft paper here! All their plastic-free papers are double-sided and printed in bright colors and fun, modern patterns.

Their wrapping paper packs retail for $10 each and come with three 21.5 x 34-inch sheets of double-sided paper. And since they come folded flat, you don't have to worry about storing those bulky cardboard tubes either.

If you still have a few DIY Christmas gifts to wrap, add a few sheets of Wrappily paper to your cart. These are a few of our favorite patterns.

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Best for Christmas: O Tannenbaum Paper

This geometric Christmas tree print is double-sided, so you can choose between classic green Christmas trees or a modern pink and red print. All of Wrappily's papers are milled, printed, and packaged in Washington state, so everything is 100% made in the U.S.

Best for Winter: Peace on Earth Evergreens

This paper design features a 'peace on earth' motto on one side, and a pattern of snowy evergreens on the other. The snowy scene isn't outwardly Christmas, so you can use it for any winter holidays.

Best for Hanukkah: Hanukkah Doves Paper

This two-sided Hanukkah print is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to use the same paper all eight nights. Pair it with the Hanukkah Story pack and you'll have four different prints, so you only have to repeat papers once!

Best for Festive Color: Feliz Flamingos

This fun and festive print features our favorite trendy Christmas color. The pink candy canes and holiday-ready flamingoes will tie in perfectly with the rest of your pink Christmas decor.

Best Non-Traditional: Christmas Elephants

This elephant-theme pack of paper is another great combination of classic and whimsical. Wrap your gifts with the plain evergreen design showing and your recipient will get a fun surprise when they tear the package open.