5 Paint Color Trends to Say Goodbye to In 2023

Experts share which color trends are on their way out, and what they predict will replace them this year.

The verdict is in: Paint color experts have revealed the color trends we can expect to see less of this year, and what hues will take their place as 2023 progresses. The latest color trends predict that muted, gray, and pastel tones are dropping off in favor of brighter shades. As the year progresses, expect to see the emergence of vibrant, saturated hues, merging with an array of warm neutrals and earthy tones to establish a grounding and inviting balance.

Of course, that doesn't mean any of these colors are going away completely. "With diverse homeowner styles, we don’t anticipate certain colors will completely fall out of fashion," says Sue Kim, director of color marketing at Valspar. "Rather, the colors become timeless shades, less on the forefront of our trend conversations, but staying in the background to be our perfect backdrop."

This year is all about embracing your personality and living life to the fullest. As you plan simple refreshes or full-on home remodels, let these color trends inspire your spaces.

Out With Grays and In With Color

<p>Courtesy of Lick</p>

Courtesy of Lick

As people express themselves more, they lean toward adding color to their homes, explains Tash Bradley, Lick’s director of interior design and color specialist. That means customers are reaching for subtle colors rather than gray when they want a neutral. "Now, if it’s a neutral, it's a taupe, a beige, a pink, or a warm white," she says. "Color trends are very much moving towards warmer earthier tones rather than cool grays."

People are also ditching muted colors with a gray undertone in favor of more vibrant variants. "We’re seeing our popular sage Green 02 being challenged by Green 05 Rome House," an olive green with energizing golden undertones. "Those velvety and stronger shades that have a lot more personality are very much coming into 2023," she says.

Paint color: Green 05 Rome House by Lick

Forget Light Tones: Embrace the Dark Side

<p>Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams</p>

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

"Agreeable Gray, our popular muted balancing gray shade, has moved down a few notches as our favorite homeowner shade," says Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams' director of color marketing. "I think this marks the transition away from gray that so many designers have been talking about and into a different space with dark tones like brown and deep blue gaining momentum in 2023."

"Darker hues like Homburg Gray SW 7622 and Carnelian SW 7580 are inspiring homeowners to try something more daring in their homes," she says. "The mood these richer tones emote is warmer and richer. They add depth and mystery to a room and create a 'home as sanctuary' feeling."

Paint color: Carnelian SW 7580 by Sherwin-Williams

Say Goodbye to Pastels and Hello to Saturated Mid-Tones

"Our craving for gentle pastels that arose during the pandemic and took hold in our design consciousness is waning," says Patrick O’Donnell, color consultant and international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball. "Cooler soft blues, such as Skylight, will succumb to slightly bolder stablemates, like Selvedge—something not too dark but with enough depth to add character will reign supreme."

Hannah Yeo, Manager of Color Marketing & Development at Benjamin Moore, agrees. "For 2023 and beyond, colors are getting more confident as we push our comfort zone and celebrate the dynamism of color. It is no longer about what you should or should not do because of the size of the room or the direction it faces; colors are about expressing your identity creatively," she says. "After years of social distancing, dinner parties and small gatherings are on the rise, and bold and confident hues create a moody backdrop for entertainment spaces."

Paint color: Selvedge by Farrow & Ball


Swap Gray for Greige

<p>Courtesy of Benjamin Moore</p>

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

"We’re seeing a shift towards warmer hues, and grays are no exception," Yeo says. "While still popular amongst many, neutral grays such as Smoke Embers 1466 had a slower sale in recent years. Warmer neutrals—think greiges and beiges such as Pashmina AF-100 or Coastal Fog 976—are growing in place of cooler hues."

Kim agrees: "Cool blue grays have reached their peak and allowed other complex warm grays, and those with a purple undertone, to give more trending options at home," she says. Warm, grounding, and versatile shades, like Southern Road (1006-9C) and Villa Grey (6005-1B) "offer a soothing environment with nature’s touch inside the home" will continue to be popular in 2023, she predicts.

Paint color: Coastal Fog 976 by Benjamin Moore

Shifting from Green to Teal

<p>Courtesy of Lick</p>

Courtesy of Lick

"Because green took off last year, people want something a bit different and more unique, which is why this year rich teals are going to make a huge comeback," Bradley says. "I'm seeing more and more people wanting that combination of blue and green. What's lovely about teal is that in the natural morning light, it looks a lot more green, then in the evening, under artificial light and with warm lamps, it goes really dark, moody, atmospheric, and blue. And I think people love that change in environment."

If you want to move to the dark side, she recommends opting for a deep teal over black, such as Lick’s Teal 03 76 Dean Street . "It has a much more velvety tone, and if Teal 03 is too dark, Teal 01 is sensational and timeless," she adds.

Paint Color: Teal 03 76 Dean Street by Lick