5 Natural At-Home Cold Remedies

Colds may not really be life-threatening illnesses, but they always seem to kick in at the most inconvenient times — like right before you’re about to fly, or mid-vacation. Add in the way we run ourselves ragged and skimp on sleep leading up to the holidays, and it’s almost like asking for a serious case of the sniffles.

While modern medicine has yet to find a cure, there are some at-home cold remedies that may help relieve the symptoms.

We spoke with certified holistic health counselor Melissa Kathryn, who shared some of her tried-and-true ways to self-treat a pesky cold. Aside from her natural remedies, she also recommends staying hydrated and making sure to get plenty of rest. “Sleep is your best friend,” Kathryn says. “Do yourself a favor and hit the sheets early. … That is the magic bullet for healing.”

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