5 Mason Jar salads to up your food prep game

Here are 5 Mason jar salads that are healthy, easy to make, and worthy of a #foodgram. 1. Mason Jar Salad ASMR. This Mason jar salad recipe from TikTok user Alexa (@alexanicole128) is a sound bath of cut strawberries, onions, nuts, chia seeds, and arugula. 2. Mason Jar Olive Garden Salad. TikTok user Mr. Cook's (@cook_in_the_classroom) favorite meal-prep salad is a take on Olive Garden’s grilled chicken salad. 3. Strawberry Fields Mason Jar Salad. This low-cal, low-carb Mason jar salad from TikTok user Becca Carlton (@beccatexasmom) will have you singing “Strawberry Fields Forever”. 4. A Week’s Worth of Mason Jar Salad Meal Prep. Prepping these salads is basically the adult equivalent to making neon sand art at a carnival, as shown in TikTok user Kait Welch’s (@modhippiehabits) plant-based recipe. 5. Buffalo Grilled Chicken Mason Jar Salad. Make this salad prep recipe from TikTok user Kenzie Clark (@kenziejo_clark) with ingredients you probably already have