5 magical Mason jar crafts you can do at home

From salads to snow globes, the versatility of Mason jars can’t be overstated. So, it’s no surprise that the famous containers are the perfect base for loads of kid-friendly and fun homemade crafts. From fairies glowing in a jar to a bird’s nest on a lid, there are countless DIY crafts that transform Mason jars into something magical. If you’re looking for ways to reuse the popular receptacles, here are 5 cool crafts that make the most out of Mason jars.

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1. DIY Glowing Fairy Mason Jar

Glitter and glow sticks make a spellbinding combination inside of a Mason jar. Start by cutting a glow stick, then have your child gently sprinkle the fluid into a Mason jar. Next, have your child pour a bunch of glitter into the jar, then tightly twist on the lid. Let your child shake the Mason jar around, then black out the lights and watch the fairies come to life.

2. DIY Mason Jar Pineapple

For a craft that’s a real conversation starter, look no further than this DIY Mason jar pineapple. First, have your child paint the lid yellow, then help them swirl a dollop of yellow acrylic paint inside the Mason jar until the interior is completely covered, then let dry. Next, help your child cut black triangles out of stickers or construction paper and let them paste the shapes all over the jar’s exterior. Finally, cut a green pool noodle into triangular shards and hot glue them onto the lid. Feel free to display the pineapple as a sculpture or place an electric tea candle inside and use it as a lamp.

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3. DIY Mason Jar Lid Bird’s Nest

Start by hot gluing the vacuum-sealable lid to the outer band that twists onto the Mason jar and let it dry. Next, have your child mold dried grass from a craft store into a nest, then hot glue the nest onto the Mason jar lid. Finally, have your child arrange a variety of faux grass, flowers, and plastic eggs inside the nest and glue them into place.

4. DIY Mason Jar Troll

Turn an ordinary Mason jar into a beloved childhood toy. First, have your child pick out fuzzy yarn and cut it into 10-inch pieces. Next, help your child fold each piece of yarn in half and stick it through the outer band of the Mason jar lid and wrap them around, pulling them up to create the troll’s fuzzy ’do. After covering the entire perimeter in yarn, have your child brush out the string with an old hairbrush. Glue the lid and a ball of yarn in the center and wrap the troll’s hair around the ball before sealing it with some glue. Finally, fill the Mason jar with any odds and ends and have your child decorate it with whatever embellishments to help bring their troll to life.

5. DIY Mason Jar Aquarium

Kids will love these clever mini aquariums. Start by having your child place a small fake plant inside the Mason jar. Next, have them add colorful fish gravel to the base of the jar. Then, add water and glycerin, followed by a few drops of food coloring. Tie fishing line onto several toy fish, then paste the thread on the bottom of the jar’s lid. Finally, help your child twist on the lid, then have a peek inside the mini aquarium!

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