5-Ingredient Strawberry Icebox Cake

This time of year, there are so many strawberries to be had. Take advantage of the ample supply (and low prices) and make this super simple, five-ingredient icebox cake.

Refrigerate a can of coconut milk overnight — this will help the cream to separate from the water. Scoop the cream into a chilled mixing bowl, discarding the water. With a hand mixer, beat the cream until smooth. Add a 1/3 cup of powdered sugar, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, and mix again until smooth. Meanwhile, take the tops off your strawberries, cut them into thin slices, and set aside.

Next, it’s time to assemble! You’ll need a container — Buzzfeed uses a glass dish that’s about four-by-four inches in size. First put down a thin layer of the coconut cream mixture. Atop it, place enough graham crackers to cover the cream. Then spread another layer of cream over the graham crackers. Add a layer of strawberries to cover the cream. Repeat the layers — graham cracker, cream, strawberries — until you’ve filled your container. Refrigerate for two to 24 hours, then enjoy!

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