5 of the healthiest alcoholic drinks revealed

 woman pouring glass of red wine
woman pouring glass of red wine

Alcohol is often considered one of the unhealthiest things we can consume as humans, and those who agree with that aren’t wrong. Drinking more than the recommended daily intake can come with a huge list of physical effects, including heart disease and stroke. Drinking regularly can also increase the risk of developing long term mental health problems as well as weight gain (check out our 2023 guide to the best fitbits if you’re worried about this!)

That being said, there are some alcoholic drinks out there that are better than others. Knowing what these are can help you make the best choices when it comes to choosing what to drink, especially if you don’t want it impeding any weight loss results or compromising your health. In fact, some alcoholic drinks when consumed in moderation may even offer some health benefits. Have a look!

1. Red wine

Red wine, in moderation, has long been thought of as a good alcohol to consume. It contains antioxidants which are good at preventing coronary artery disease. It has been proven that red wine has fewer additives and will not put as much pressure on your liver.

2. Tequila

According to experts, tequila can increase calcium absorption and improve bone health. As it’s low in calories (97 calories per shot!) and sugar, it’s also an easy drink for our bodies to metabolise. As it has agave in, one shot is meant to positively affect glucose levels and may benefit those with diabetes.

3. Vodka

Vodka is also a low calorie alcoholic drink, with about 90 calories in each shot. Vodka is proven to increase blood-flow and circulation in your body which can prevent clots, strokes and other heart diseases.​​ Pair it with soda water or diet lemonade to keep those calories and sugar content down, and you’re good to go!

4. Stout

Made from roasted barley, dark ales contain prebiotics that fuel our beneficial gut bacteria. One glass provides a wide mix of vitamins and minerals, including iron and silicon. The drink’s plant compounds may also help with oestrogen balance.

5. Light beer

Light beers contain several B vitamins, and one bottle is known to pack more calcium, magnesium, and selenium than a serving of wine. Beers that have an alcohol volume of 4% are usually the best to go for, and you’ll be getting about 100 calories from it as well.

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