This $5 hack can make your white sneakers look brand new

Julia Webb

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It’s no secret that white sneakers are a staple in many people’s wardrobes. From Adidas Stan Smiths to classic, plain Vans and trendy leather styles from Koio, there’s a style of white shoes for everyone. But one thing every white sneaker owner can agree on is how hard they are to keep looking clean.

Not too long ago, I was scrolling on Tiktok and saw a video of a shoe cleaner that gave completely trashed white sneakers a new life, and, thanks to user @emileighpaigee, I was introduced to the Kiwi Shoe Cleaner and Whitener.

Available for less than $5 on Amazon, this shoe cleaner is made with “an advanced polymer and whitening agent to help older sports shoes look like new.” Plus, it can be used on leather, vinyl, nylon and canvas fabrics, which should cover most of your footwear wardrobe.

Shop: Kiwi Shoe Cleaner and Whitener, $4.27

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

The Kiwi Shoe Whitener and Cleaner is also easy to use. First, you simply wipe down your shoes with a cloth to remove any dirt or residue on them. Next, you’ll want to take off the product’s cap and press the sponge applicator down to apply the product evenly. Then after the product dries, you’re good to go  — just remember to rinse off the applicator sponge so it’s in good shape for future uses. The brand also suggests, “to protect items against water and stains, use Kiwi Protect All after re-whitening.”

This product seems to be a favorite amongst sneakerheads since Amazon reviewers have given the product 4.4 out of 5 stars online.

One happy customer shared, “I wish I would have taken a picture of our daughter’s white Vans before and after. REMARKABLE!! They look brand new!! Works better than OxyClean, Dawn dish soap or any of the other remedies we tried on white sneakers.”

Other users also made sure to note that this whitener, much like paint or pigment, is permanent, so you’ll want to be extra careful during application.

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