5 entrée recipes with berries as the star ingredient

From mixed berry salad to blueberry grilled cheese, here are five delicious entrée recipes made with berries. 1. Blackened chicken avocado berry salad. This blackened chicken avocado salad strikes the perfect balance between refreshing and filling. 2. Blueberry glazed salmon. For a new twist on salmon, look no further than this blueberry-glazed salmon recipe. 3. Pork tenderloin with raspberry sauce. Pork tenderloin gets a much-needed glow-up in this “berry” tasty recipe. 4. Brie and blueberry grilled cheese. Take your basic grilled cheese to the next level with this Brie and blueberry grilled cheese recipe. 5. Steak and strawberry salad. When it comes to berries, this recipe raises the “steaks”

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