This $5 Comb-Brush Combo Completely Changed How I Wash My Hair

Amanda Richards
·2 min read

I’m the sort of fancy lady who is always looking to enhance my beauty rituals with small upgrades, to take my routine from “relaxing and restorative” to “full-blown at-home spa experience.” It’s part of the reason why I purchased a facial steamer — no longer am I simply someone who steams their face in the shower, but instead my very own aesthetician to myself.

Recently, I also added another small but incredibly major upgrade to my shower routine: A $5 wet and dry brush I use while shampooing and deep conditioning my hair. I randomly found the Intsupermai Detangling Brush at Walmart, and washing and conditioning my hair simply hasn’t been the same since.

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For those of you unfamiliar with brushes like this, here’s the gist: They’re designed for use on both wet and dry hair, and the ultra-flexible bristles are gentle enough for all hair types. Even though the brush is made of plastic, the bristles are incredibly tender on my scalp, which is great news for anyone who has sensitive skin like I do. No matter how tangled my hair is, the Intsupermai brush glides right through, smoothing and easing out knots in the process.

And that’s just when my hair is dry. When I bring the brush in the shower with me, I put it to work on two main tasks. For starters, after I lather up with shampoo, I work the brush from scalp to tip to get a really good massage during the cleansing process. The brush helps ensure I don’t miss a single area, and it’s especially helpful when I’m using clarifying shampoo to remove buildup.

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When I’m done shampooing, I rinse my hair and the brush and work in a deep conditioner with my hands. Once the product is applied, I take the Intsupermai brush and comb slowly, which helps make sure that each strand is totally saturated with conditioner. This last step is my favorite of the two: Your hair feels amazing while you’re doing it, and your conditioner applies far more easily and evenly than if you just use your hands.

The real payoff is apparent when I’m out of the shower, though. Because the brush helps work in product evenly, I’ve noticed that my hair just looks better than when I don’t use it. Additionally, because I’m essentially giving myself a scalp massage every time I shampoo, the shower becomes less of a rote cleanse and more of an indulgent self-care ritual. Over time, I’ve noticed that my hair has less breakage and split ends, too.

If you’re looking to add a wildly affordable grooming tool to your routine and take your shower experience to the next level, I highly recommend the Intsupermai detangling wet and dry brush. It might seem little, but it packs a huge punch.