5 Chic DIYs You Can Complete With Only Dollar-Store Products, According to TikTok

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Dollar-Store products are as versatile as they are inexpensive, allowing you a full range of creative freedom to test out ideas for chic DIYs.

“There's something special (and addicting) about seeing something expensive you like and then being able to recreate it yourself using Dollar Store supplies,” says Christine Moon, a TikTok creator.

Here, are five ingenious Dollar-Store TikTok hacks that will enhance your space on a serious budget.

DIY Vintage Sconce

Moon has loved DIY since she was little. “I truly feel like it runs in my family because my mom and siblings are all very much into making something from nothing," explains Moon. "Growing up, we didn't always have the money to afford everything we wanted, so making things myself became a passion.”

When Moon needed something to enhance the blank space above a circular mirror, she decided on sconces. Instead of splurging on something new, she decided to use remote LED lights and vintage-looking candle votives. 

To create the double-light sconce, she purchased 2 candle votives at Dollar Tree. She then glued the backs of the candle jars together with UV resin (you can also use Gorilla Bonding Glue). She then wrapped a gold piece of vinyl to hide the gap, which can also be substituted with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

After, she placed battery-operated tea lights inside and added a piece of acrylic (which was an old name card from a wedding) to the back to create a smooth base for the wall mounting strips. This project cost her $5.

“There are so many different ways you can make these [sconces], so it's great for anyone to try with their own style and interior design,” adds Moon.

DIY Wooden Block Vase

The duo Brad Clemens and Tim Clemens of the @CraftGrooms love to create simple designs that look complex. With the motto "we can make that for cheaper," they made textured vases for just $3 using a tumbling wooden blocks game (like Jenga) and two vases.

First, they stained the blocks with leftover coffee. “Let your coffee-stained building blocks completely dry,” says the duo. “If they're damp, they won't glue well.”

Then, take a hot glue gun and add them around the vase, stacking as you go up. Once the project is done, you can add flowers or a battery-operated votive. 

DIY Geometric Mirror Panels

Natasha Mupambwa, the creator behind DIY home decor TikTok @TashaDesignCa transformed basic square $1.25 picture frames into large-scale decorative mirror panels to enhance her entryway. She also purchased $1.25 square mirrors and put them on top of the frames.

First, she connected two framed mirrors with a popsicle stick in the back. Then added a third (frameless) mirror on top, creating a vine-like effect. She repeated the process six times. The result is a $30 project. Anyone who has shopped for mirrors knows that this is a good deal. It will be a perfect addition to any empty wall.

Circular Shelf

A mesh grease cover can be transformed into a shelf with just a bit of DIY savvy. TikToker creative @paigedidwhat bought two circular grease covers and pulled out the metal mesh so she could have two rings. She spray-painted the rings gold. Then, she wrapped two wooden panels (future shelves) with geometric gold peel-and-stick wallpaper. Using a level, she spaced the shelves between the two rings and secured them together with industry-strength glue to finish off her shelf.

Floral Tray

Mupambwa knows the power of gold spray paint. Here, she took an unassuming Dollar Tree pizza pan and transformed it with six wall art flowers and three rock key holders (which served as a base).

Mupambwa first spray-painted the flowers and the rock with gold paint. She then hot-glued the rocks to the bottom of the pizza pan. This created a sturdy pedestal. The now-gilded wall art flowers were shaped into more voluminous blooms which were hot glued in the center and applied to the top of the pizza pan. This created a lovely tray that can work as a vanity accessory or a setup for a candle centerpiece.

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