5 Beauty Trends That Will Define FW24, According to the Experts

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As New York Fashion Week begins, anticipation is in the air and on the horizon. The world of style is ready to unveil the latest trends in the realm of fashion and beauty. From the streets of New York City to the rues of Paris, we're gearing up for a whirlwind of creativity and inspiration to kick off 2024. Should we expect a slew of cutting-edge beauty moments that challenge the norm? Possibly a return to the past and an ode to the early '00s?

2023 was quite the memorable year for beauty, to say the least. It brought us the ever-popular coquette style and futuristic chrome everything, so there's a bar to be set by whatever this year's makeup, hair and nail looks are ready to showcase.

Regardless of what we saw last season, we're sure we'll be surprised by a thing or two in the coming month—which is why we've asked the leading beauty experts what they expect we'll see on the runway.

Here's a glimpse into the top beauty trends expected to steal the show during Fashion Month. While you're here check out Black-owned beauty brands you need to know.

Shiny Skin


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A trend towards glowing, radiant skin is anticipated, with makeup artists prioritizing luminous finishes and dewy textures to achieve radiance beyond reason. Celebrity makeup artist and Neen Founder, Jeanine Lobell predicts that because of Pat McGrath's magic for Margiela this past Couture Week, we can expect to see designers toying around with different variations of shiny skin.

Terrible Tweens


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With Saltburn's nostalgic lens of the early '00s taking up most of the space in our minds late last year, we'll see artists taking the same cues from that laid-back, 'just woke up' vibe. Think metallic lids, smokey eyes and matte skin. For Lobell, lived-in eyeliner will make its triumph return to the runway. Nurse Tara Adashev of Neinstein Plastic Surgery, agrees: "Clean skin will still be present, but with a slightly more maximalist makeup approach." Think of King Kylie's January resurgence and every TikTok video you've seen lately glorifying 2016 like it was the best year ever.

Multi-Use Monochromatics


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Anthonino Olimpio of Estée Lauder's Global Brand Strategy team predicts that multi-use products will take the lead. "Eye, cheek, and lip tints will be a thing. Think '90s trends but make it 2024–there's still going to be a highlight on technique and mixing products to achieve a unique hue but nonetheless, a take on simplicity and sophistication for the runways will compliment the looks we're going to see."

Surreal Storytelling

Following Margiela, Olimpio is predicting that brands will take it up a notch and truly commit to storytelling, utilizing lore to weave fantasy into their clothing."I'm predicting an emphasis on committed aesthetics like the resurgence of the ballerina core or even the mermaid core, a more graphic-metallic approach with stand-out looks encompassing blue-like hues, wet hair, a real eye-catching moment. Similar to the work of Michael Anthony on Karol G and Ariana Grande."

Helen Reavey, Founder of Act+Acre, certified trichologist and celebrity stylist agrees, emphasizing that we'll continue to follow in the footsteps of the coquette trend and stay baroque. "Throughout the year, there was a significant move towards embracing more playful and whimsical hair and beauty styles. From ribbons intricately woven through baroque waves to the sepia-toned 'Victoriana' makeup and the portrayal of windswept romantic heroines, historical influences infused this season's hair and makeup with a fresh and effortless playfulness."

Perhaps even a silver ear and robot baby to match à la Schiaparelli?

Heavy Hair


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We also think we'll see a lot more of those bigger and more playful styles, just like the one Miley Cyrus rocked at the Grammy's. Playing with teasing the hair and giving it a big, voluminous structure will likely carry over onto the runway just like Marc Jacobs.