49 Things From The Late '90s That Women Now Between The Ages Of 36–47 Used To Do

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1.Wanting this VTech cordless phone and your own personal line in your bedroom:

A purple see-through cordless phone

2.And also wanting a 13-inch TV with the built-in VCR for your room ('cause that was LUX):

A Sharp TV-VCR TV with a Disney movie playing

3.Buying random unauthorized biographies about your favorite celebs because that was really the only way you could learn about them — although most of the time, there was never new info in them:

Dawson's Creek unauthorized biography book
Stuckinthe80sVintage/ etsy.com

4.Buying magazines dedicated to just one celeb so that you could cut out the pictures and decorate your room with them:

A pile of Leonardo DiCaprio magazines
sam49d/ ebay.com

5.Switching out your beeper cases to match your outfits:

A hot pink beeper with lime green case
Getty Images

6.Knowing that whenever you wore your carpenter jeans, its hammer loop would get caught on something at some point:

Lee Carpenter jeans folded on a table
Lost Boy Vintage/ etsy.com

7.Having these as your go-to shoes for EVERYTHING...

Steve Madden slides on a faux fur carpet

8....having Hush Puppies Oxfords as your ~quirky~ shoes...

Lime green Hush Puppies shoes
nanometer/ etsy.com

9....and Candies as your go-to party shoes (even if you did sound like a Clydesdale whenever you wore them):

Candies slides heals with wooden heals
Jlsobush/ poshmark.com

10.Having this as the hairstyle you wanted for any type of formal event:

Kirsten Dunst with a messy up do hair style and butterfly clip in hair
Ron Galella, Ltd. / Ron Galella Collection via Getty

11.And, of course, wearing a pashmina to any type of formal event:

Crop of Neve Campbell attending the premiere of her new movie "Drowning Mona" February 28, 2000 wearing a yellow pashmina
Brenda Chase / Getty Images

12.Leaving body glitter on everything (but mainly on your bathroom counters and floors) any time you wore it:

A stack of 3 cases of body glitter

13.Feeling so, so glam any time you wore frosty blue eyeshadow:

Crop of Christina Aguilera's eye with her wearing frosty blue eyeshadow
Brenda Chase / Getty Images

14.Thinking outlining your lips in a dark color and filling them in with a lighter color looked so chic:

Screenshot of woman applying light lipstick with dark lip liner
Jaime French/ youtube.com

15.Getting excited whenever you got a gift certificate to a store you liked:

A $15 gift certificate to Tower Records

16.Having Gap perfumes...

Heaven, Grass, and Dream Gap perfumes
The Gap

17....and Tommy Girl perfume as your ~personal day scents~:

Tommy Girl bottle next to the box
fragrances4ever / ebay.com

18.Being obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger because of Aaliyah's iconic Tommy campaign:

Screenshot of Aaliyah in the Tommy Hilfiger commercial
Aaliyah Archives/ Tommy Hilfiger/ youtube.com

19.Having this CD as your go-to "turning it up" album:

Ultimate Dance Party 1997 CD
Mosic909/ ebay.com

20.Rushing home after school to watch The Rosie O'Donnell Show...

Rosie interviewing Madonna on her show
Frank Micelotta Archive / Getty Images

21....and TRL (had to know where your favorite video placed):

Carson Daly on the set of TRL
Scott Gries / Getty Images

22.Watching Clueless over and over:

A Clueless VHS copy
DillingerVintageShop/ etsy.com

23.Totally wanting Brandy's bed from the music video from "The Boy Is Mine":

Brandy in gold pjs laying on a bed with a sun burst gold head frame

Actually, you wanted the entire room and everything both she and Monica were wearing!


24.And, honestly, just wanting to be BFFs with Brandy:

Photo of Brandy taken for Moesha
UPN / Getty Images

25.Thinking embroidered jeans were the coolest thing ever and feeling soooo boho whenever you wore them:

Embroidered capri jeans

And not realizing how careful you had to be with them, 'cause the beads would literally fall off when you'd put them on.

smockwalkervintage/ etsy.com

26.Having the one ~fancy~ faux satin blouse that would make you sweat profusely whenever you wore it:

Faux satin grey blouse with rose pattern on it
French75Vintage/ etsy.com

27.Putting hair mascara into your hair to give yourself subtle highlights:

Three L'Oreal Hair Mascara

Even though it turned into a clunky mess.


28.Or being bold and trying to give yourself highlights with Sun In (even though you knew it wouldn't work on your hair):

Sun-In bottle

Blonde? More like burnt orange.

Pharmapacks/ ebay.com

29.Slathering your face with Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Face Mask, which smelled soooo good:

Tea Tree Oil Face Mask bottle
South China Morning Post / South China Morning Post via Getty Images

30.Buying Revlon Street Wear makeup at the drugstore 'cause they were a perfect dupe for Urban Decay:

Two Street Wear nail polishes
Kinsmade/ etsy.com

31.Being obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

Buffy Cast photo from second season
Sony Television / Getty Images

32....and Dawson's Creek:

Season 1 Dawson's Creek cast photo

And arguing with your friends over who was hotter: Pacey or Dawson.

Warner Bros. / Getty Images

33.Having your entire bathroom smell like Herbal Essences any time you used it in the shower:

Herbal Essences pink bottle

Which was EVERY TIME you showered!


34.Feeling very bougie whenever you used Aveda shampoo...

Aveda Rosemary Mist Shampoo bottle
South China Morning Post / South China Morning Post via Getty Images

35....or brushed your teeth with Mentadent toothpaste (which really was the it toothpaste):

Mentadent toothpaste and dispenser

36.Giving yourself Wite-Out manicures in class whenever you were bored:

Hand with Wite-Out painted nails

37.Decorating the inside of your locker and the cover of your folders with these stickers:

Sparkly hot pink winky cat sticker

38.Sponge-painting your bedroom or bathroom and having some seriously questionable results:

Screenshot of woman sponge-painting a room gold
TheWoolieCompany/ youtube.com

39.Having this exact alarm clock wake you up every morning:

A white Sony Dream Machine alarm clock
OzmasTreasureRoom/ etsy.com

40.Thinking celestial pattern decor was just so cool and grown up:

A celestial pattern photo frame
lostinthelurch/ etsy.com

41.Having a CD tower in the corner of your room displaying all your CDs (and you would always put your favorite CDs on the top):

An empty metal CD tower
Ultradealstore/ ebay.com

42.And thinking these boomboxes were the height of technology — especially if it came with a remote:

A late '90s boombox
quackenstein/ ebay.com

43.Spraying yourself with Bath & Body Works sprays — which you kept in the fridge on hot days:

Collection of four different Bath & Body Works Body Splashes

44.Having like a six-month period where you just listened to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on repeat:

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album cover
Sony Music

45.Buying an entire album or soundtrack for just ONE song:

Go soundtrack cover
Sony Music

46.Having a ton of butterfly hair clips that were a bitch to keep in your hair (and would also hurt like hell if you stepped on them barefoot):

A pile of different color plastic butterfly hair clips

47.And fancy crystal butterfly clips that you wore to formal things (and were actually kind of heavy):

Different crystal butterfly hair clips
ForeverYoungCanada/ etsy.com

48.Going to the mall all the time with your friends for absolutely no reason:

Photo of people shopping in the mall during Christmastime

It truly was the place to be!

Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

49.And lastly, having the redesigned VW Beetle as your ultimate dream car:

A lime green VW Beetle on display
Picture Alliance / picture alliance via Getty Images

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