The 40 Best Jewelry Gifts to Give, from $10 to $10,000

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You know how they say the best gifts come in small packages? That’s because there’s no greater joy than unwrapping a teensy box to find a bright enamel bracelet or timeless rose gold ring tucked inside. See, jewelry is one of the best gifts to give (and receive) because most pieces can be worn daily and are naturally imbued with sentimental meaning—whether it’s a token from your beloved grandmother or a charm that’s a nod to an inside joke with your cousin. Regardless of your budget, here are 40 of the best jewelry gifts for this season, starting at just $10.

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1. Urban Outfitters Modern Hoop Earrings

Any jewelry lover will appreciate a new classic to add to their collection, like these subtle hoops that will only set you back 10 bucks.

BUY IT ($12; $10)

2. Madewell Mother of Pearl Beaded Necklace

Beaded gem necklaces are shaping up to be a huge trend for 2021, so stay ahead of the curve by treating your too-cool cousin to this mother of pearl version that’s glammed up with a few pops of gold.

BUY IT ($48; $10)

3. DesignB London Chain Anklet in Gold

The girl (or guy) who has everything probably doesn’t have a statement-making anklet. Meet their champagne taste with your beer budget by scoring this gold bauble from DesignB.

BUY IT ($13)

4. Shashi Jayne Hoop Earrings

Few items in this world will please both your mother and your TikTok obsessed teen niece—but these hoops somehow fit the bill. The soft mint green color is at once trendy and classic. Hell, while you’re at it, snag a pair for yourself.

BUY IT ($58; $40)

5. The Vintage Royalty The Jodi

Sometimes you want to shock and surprise with a statement piece. These mod earrings are just that—but they also pair rather nicely with a chunky sweater or basic white T-shirt. Meaning, they’ll be a welcome gift for anyone who considers their style to be “daring” or “out there.”

BUY IT ($42)

6. Nashelle 'Mini Initial' 14k-Gold Fill Bar Necklace

Meghan Markle loves the look of these tiny dog tags to keep her loved ones close to her heart. Which yes, means this bauble is sentimental enough to become a gift they won’t stop talking about...until next holiday season.

BUY IT ($45)

7. Nordstrom 2-Carat Cubic Zirconia Earrings

They put diamond studs on their holiday wish list. Along with Airpods, a new winter coat and some combat boots. Phew, something’s gotta give. We promise they won’t be disappointed to receive these classic stunners, even if they’re made from cubic zirconia. As one reviewer put it, “you can't tell they're not D flawless diamonds.”

BUY IT ($46)

8. BaubleBar Dalilah Small Tube Huggie Hoops

If you’re looking to get your sister a gift she’ll actually wear (even on a daily basis), you can’t go wrong with these small huggie hoops. They’re light enough that they won’t tug on her earlobes but they’re chunky enough to be deemed trendy.

BUY IT ($48)

9. Melinda Maria Margot Baby Opal Necklace

This lab-created opal is surrounded by a halo of CZ stones—making it look far more luxe than its under $58 price tag. In our honest opinion, this is the ideal present for a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange because it’s easy to wear and who wouldn’t find it gorgeous?!

BUY IT ($58)

10. Shashi Women's Khaleesi Necklace

If you really want to impress a jewelry lover this year, gift them a few necklaces and call it a neck mess starter pack. Intended to look like a tangled jumble of metal and gemstones, a snake chain like this is a great base layer because it plays well with chunky chains and delicate pendants alike.

BUY IT ($58)

11. Gorjana Tulum Statement Small Hoops

Between the basket-weave detail and the lightweight feel, these are pretty much guaranteed a top five spot in her jewelry box. FYI, the pattern was inspired by artisan textiles of Mexico—making these a close second to a vacation to Mexico City.

BUY IT ($60)

12. The Sparklane Enamel Signet Ring - Varsity

Choose between seven enamel colors, three types of metal and any letter in the alphabet or number from 0 to 9 to customize this timeless signet ring. FYI, the brand also takes special requests for their designs. So if you’re lucky, you might be able to get even more personal with this gift.

BUY IT ($110; $70)

13. Notte Happy Together Necklacearring

It’s not quite a necklace and not quite an earring; it’s actually both. Yup, the dangling smiley face pendant at the end of this golden paperclip chain can be removed and worn as a single earring. It’s just as powerful a multitasker as your assistant—making it an ideal gift for her.

BUY IT ($82)

14. Jennifer Behr Henley Faux Pearl Hair Tie

We consider a hair tie to be jewelry, since it spends 90 percent of its life on our wrists. This Jennifer Behr design is way cuter than the basic black elastics we buy in bulk off Amazon and far less delicate than the silk scrunchies we always tend to ruin. Suffice it to say, this is the Goldilocks of hair ties.

BUY IT ($98)

15. Rellery Pearl Choker

Remember the neck mess we referenced earlier? Yeah, this Rellery number is another great addition to the stack, since the choker length will sit above most other chains she piles on. However, this style can be worn at 15” or 17”, so she can truly style it however she needs.

BUY IT ($119)

16. Mejuri Double Oval Link Bracelet

A deliberately tangled appearance makes this chunky chain bracelet stand out from the rest. It also plays very well with most watch styles, especially if it features a chunky bracelet strap.

BUY IT ($120)

17. Cloverpost Benefit Necklace

No, your eyes aren’t fooling you. The plastic beads of your childhood have, indeed, received a much-needed revamp from Cloverpost. Strung on a 14K gold plated brass chain, this is a nostalgia-tinged necklace that your childhood bestie will absolutely fawn over.

BUY IT ($132)

18. Olivia Burton Celestial Bracelet Watch, 38mm

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to drop four figures on watch that’s memorable. This Olivia Burton design is made to withstand daily wear but that celestial pattern will make it feel like a special keepsake.

BUY IT ($160)

19. Mignonne Gavigan Hayet Drop Earrings

There’s certainly a way to exude ladylike charm without layering on the pearls. These Mignonne Gavigan drop earrings are a perfect example, as they’re refined and classic but still have plenty of unique personality to them.

BUY IT ($148)

20. NirvanaIN Sparkling Ethiopian Opal Beaded Necklace

Remember what we said earlier about beaded gem necklaces emerging as a trend? Yeah, this fiery string of opals is the absolute epitome of that movement. BRB, we’ll be spending the next 15 minutes being hypnotized by those gorg gems.

BUY IT ($200)

21. Alexa Leigh Unconditional Love Necklace

We added this Alexa Leigh necklace to our list for those who like to treat themselves to a gift while shopping for others. Because nothing says self-care quite like a beaded necklace that’s named after unconditional love. Plus, this simple design will look so striking with your winter wardrobe of grey cashmere sweaters and white button-downs.

BUY IT ($265)

22. Roxanne Assoulin Bahamas Set of Three Enamel Bracelets

Any teen (or grown woman, for that matter) who considers herself into fashion will squeal when she realizes she’s the new owner of a Roxanne Assoulin stack. The cool girl brand has a knack for creating juicy color combos with their enamel beads—and this Bahamas inspired set is no exception. Hey, if she can’t jet off on a tropical vacation, this will at least be a happy consolation prize.

BUY IT ($266)

23. Nanushka x Alighieri The Flicker of Monastery Necklace

Admit it, the hardest person to shop for on your list is the self-proclaimed minimalist. Regardless, even the most discerning gal you know will find joy in this Nanushka x Alighieri necklace that was “inspired by the last twinkle of candlelight, beaming from the arches of the monastery at night.” Deeply romantic and mysterious, it’s also made from 24ct gold-plated recycled brass, for a sustainable touch.

BUY IT ($275)

24. Common Era Secret Message Tiny Rainbow Hoop Earrings

You and your boo have plenty of inside jokes—but have they given you any pieces of jewelry that contain a special message only you two are privy to? That’s what we thought. These Common Era huggies symbolize ‘dearest,’ thanks to the combo of stones. Awww.

BUY IT ($295)

25. John Hardy Bamboo Black Sapphire & Sterling Silver Multi-Row Ring

Wondering how to justify such an expensive gift? Aside from this ring’s gorgeous bamboo design and dramatic row of black sapphires, it also has a few philanthropic ties. With each purchase, John Hardy will donate the planting of two bamboo seedlings while Olivela will donate 13 essential supplies to a family in need, through Save the Children.

BUY IT ($450)

26. Gucci Silver-Plated Crystal Brooch

While we can’t speak for all women, we mean it when we say most women love anything that sparkles. Especially if it comes in a Gucci box. This brooch will turn any of her blazers, scarves or baseball caps into the most glamorous piece in her closet.

BUY IT ($450)

27. Verlas Marquise Diamond Glitter Bracelet

This bracelet starts at $460 and includes a ⅕ carat SI marquise diamond, plus your choice of 14K yellow, white or rose gold. However, if you want to up the clarity of the diamond or upgrade to 18K metal, you’ve got the choice to do so. After all, doesn’t the one you love deserve the best?

BUY IT ($460)

28. Penelope Jewelry Freshwater Pearl & Enamel Ring

A little enamel and a not-so-tiny pearl make this ring a keepsake that’s unlike anything found in your grandma’s jewelry box. This particular design was handcrafted by artisans in Athens from 14K gold—so you can trust it won’t tarnish after a few wears (though you should know that it’s best to keep pearls away from water or moisture of any kind).

BUY IT ($480)

29. Sorellina Pink Topaz, Purple Sapphire and Diamond Pietra Stud Earrings

These non-traditional studs have a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it quality to them. That’s because the pink topaz and purple sapphires are so close in color, they almost look like they’re the same shade. But when belted with a few pavé diamonds, they offer an unexpected ombré effect that’s sure to impress.

BUY IT ($495)

30. Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. Diamonds by the Yard Ring

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is, indeed, a Tiffany diamond that’s well under $1K. This delicate chain ring can withstand everyday wear and it’s sure to garner plenty of compliments. Because that 0.7 carat diamond is definitely a stunner.

BUY IT ($525)

31. Bea Bongiasca Baby Vine Tendril Ring

Jewelry designers are having more fun with enamel than ever before. Seriously, have you seen a more playful ring than this vine-like swoop from Bea Bongiasca? Topped off with a crystal, this might technically be costume jewelry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be worn Monday through Friday (and Saturday and Sunday).

BUY IT ($675)

32. Auvere Octavia Stack Ring Polished

This geometric ring looks striking when worn solo but it also plays well with any stack you throw it into. We particularly like how it looks when worn with a classic eternity wedding band.

BUY IT ($750)

33. Anzie Topaz & Sapphire Evil Eye Pendant Necklace

Set with multicolored sapphires and a center topaz, this Anzie style puts a cheerful spin on the classic evil eye motif. (For the uninitiated, the symbol is said to protect the wearer from harm.) However, it’s also an easy way to incorporate a pop of color into your daily life.

BUY IT ($785)

34. Selim Mouzannar Beirut Basic 18-Karat Rose Gold Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Perhaps you’re shopping for your future bride or just someone who loves a good piece of bling, but this is one ring that anyone would be happy to wear. The rose cut pink tourmaline looks even more vibrant, thanks to the 18-karat rose gold band it’s set in—while a halo of diamonds adds an extra sparkling touch. FYI, this looks just as impressive on a pointer finger as it does on a ring finger.

BUY IT ($1,280)

35. Larkspur & Hawk Caprice Elements Water Earrings

It’s an understatement to say these earrings give us all the feels. Mostly because they look like what diving into the ocean on a hot summer day feels like. Crafted from a combination of white quartz and various blue sapphires, these babies will definitely add a little something extra to any upcoming holiday dinner. *Hint, hint.*

BUY IT ($1,400)

36. Shay Jewelry Emerald Baguette Essential Ring

This luxe take on a rectangular signet ring is unique in its simplicity and quiet details. For example, the inside of the band is set with a teeny diamond that feels like a hidden secret that only the wearer will know about.

BUY IT ($1,670)

37. Jane Taylor Rainbow Gemstone Stacking Band

You don’t have to be a die-hard rainbow fan to drool over the juicy gems in this cigar band. Although it certainly helps. Featuring rubellite tourmaline, red garnet, citrine, yellow tourmaline, and blue topaz, London blue topaz, amethyst, and purple garnet, all set in a 14K yellow gold band, this is one present that will bring them joy through even the greyest winter days.

BUY IT ($2,720)

38. Jennifer Fisher Skinny Family ID Bracelet With 2 Diamonds

While this slim ID bracelet might look like a gift that mom would love (because she will), it’s also a sweet way to remind her that her family is always close by. A max of seven characters can be engraved on the 14K white gold bar—all flanked by two diamonds.

BUY IT ($2,950; $2,508)

39. Retrouvai Lollipop 14-karat Gold, Chrysoprase and Tourmaline Ring

Cocktail parties might be few and far between these days but the lucky recipient of this Retrouvai ring doesn’t need to relegate this ring for occasions where champagne will be served. Trust us when we say this chrysoprase and tourmaline piece has the power to jazz up sweatpants for a grocery run or jeans and a t-shirt for an average WFH day.

BUY IT ($4,750)

40. Cartier Baignoire 24.5mm Small 18-Karat Rose Gold and Alligator Watch

Forget about checking your phone to see the time; you’ll want to gaze at this timeless Cartier timepiece all day long. Featuring an elongated oval watch face in 18-karat rose gold and an alligator strap, it’s a tasteful investment piece that will only get better with wear.

BUY IT ($9,900)

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