4 Trader Joe’s Wines You Should Buy For Thanksgiving Now—They Won't Stay In Stock For Long

After the big Turkey Day meal is devoured, what better way to unwind and relax than with the help of a tasty, seasonal wine? We rounded up four fan-favorite wines from Trader Joe’s that pair well with autumnal, turkey-based dishes, classic sides like mashed potatoes and stuffing, and other drinks that can be a great addition to any fall dessert (and that can impress your family and friends this Thanksgiving!)


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4 Delicious Trader Joe’s Wines For Your Thanksgiving Table



1. Petit Reserve Monterey Pinot Noir

This classic Trader Joe’s wine, according to the company’s website, is “ideal for pairing with turkey” and all the Thanksgiving fixings with its aromas of “dark berries and red plum,” which morph into flavors of “raspberry, wild strawberry, and subtle spices” on the palate. This fruit-forward wine, the chain adds, is on the dryer side, giving a “serious,” luxurious dinnertime feel to it. It boasts a “silky texture,” that still finishes bright, Trader Joe’s adds, making it sound like the perfect choice for the dinner table while eating your iconic turkey-based meal!


2. L’Éclat Blanc de Blancs

For those of us who love sparkling wines, it’s hard to resist this popular TJ’s fave, complete with “festive notes of butter and cake,” as the chain writes. This elegant and fruity wine could be enjoyed after dinner and either before or with dessert, so the possibilities are endless! According to the grocery store’s website, this sparkling wine is wrapped in a “bold and eye-catching design” that positively shouts “I’m celebrating something,” and what better occasion to celebrate than a beloved one that brings family and friends together?


3. L’Éclat Rosé


This is another great sparkling wine choice for rosé fans out there, and Trader Joe’s notes that its particular profile “shines forth with a light, vivacious sweetness and fresh fruit flavors.” Whether you want to enjoy it with your favorite Thanksgiving dinner or dessert, it’s up to you, but the Trader Joe’s flyer suggests that this light wine has a “sweet and floral aroma” that might also be great to enjoy all on its own.



4. Wine-Based Egg Nog

Okay, so this one isn’t 100% wine, but sure to make a fun and interesting treat for your guests with its wintry-themed spin! Trader Joe’s Wine-Based Egg Nog could be a great match for a seasonal dessert, and according to the TJ’s website, this is a pre-mixed and ready-to-drink wine-tail. In addition, the grocery store giant describes it as a “mixture of wine and fragrant cinnamon” that’s blended with a “velvety base of real cream.” Some ideas that come to mind with this drink include sipping it on its own after your dinner, adding it to a luxurious iced latte or even pairing it with ice cream for a revamped, adult milkshake. Happy Thanksgiving!