4 Target Valentine’s Day Treats You Should Buy Now—They Won’t Stay In Stock For Long

This post has been updated with new information since it was originally posted. 

As the end of January approaches, we’re reminded that the month of love is almost here! We rounded up four limited-time (and cute!) Valentines Day-themed treats offered at Target to help you celebrate. Whether you’re preparing to wow your beau with a heart-shaped dessert or planning to stock up on chocolates for all of your Galentines, we’ve got you covered.

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4 Valentine’s Day-Themed Items To Grab At Target


1. Reese's Valentine Heart Skillet With Chocolate

If you have someone in mind who loves baking, this could be a great V-Day gift! This Reese's pack comes with an adorable little heart-shaped skillet and allows the recipient to bake two cookies. The mix boasts the iconic taste of Reese's peanut butter cups *and* chocolate chips, giving the best of both worlds! You can find it at Target for $9.99

2. Hershey's Kisses Valentine's Giant Milk Chocolate Kiss

Stand out from other gift-givers this Valentine's Day with a giant milk chocolate Hershey's kiss for your special someone! At your local Target, you can bring home this 7-ounce treat for $4.99 each that is adorned in shiny, eye-catching red wrapping, making it a cute decoration until it is opened and enjoyed!

3. Good & Gather Conventional Unsweetened Apple Sauce Pouches

For a healthier V-Day present, you can give the apple of your eye (see what we did there) an apple sauce pouch that is perfect for on-the-go dipping! Kids also can add a little Valentine's Day-themed pouch to their school lunches, or you can just grab a box of these apple sauces (for $13.59 for 24 packets) because the packaging is too cute to pass up!

4. Favorite Day Valentine’s Cocoa Drink Mix with Tray

A hot chocolate mix is always a great winter gift option, and this V-Day version inspires you to create heart-shaped hot cocoa bombs to melt for a cozy beverage! You can find this box at Target (which features a reusuable heart-shaped silicone mold, chocolate melting wafers, cocoa mix, icing and marshmallows) for $9.99.

5. Sweetheart Pop Organic Popcorn

If you're looking for a yummy Valentine's treat that's *not* chocolate or candy, look no further. The Sweetheart Pop Organic Popcorn from Target is so delicious without all that unnecessary sugar—plus it's white chocolate strawberry flavored! The brand, Lesser Evil, promises a scrumptious taste without any unhealthy ingredients, and it comes with a "Happy Valentine's Day" note right on the bag, so all you have to fill in is the "To" and "From" and your kiddo is all set.


Parents are already stocking up for their kids' Valentine's Day sweets exchange, so grab them while you can!

6. Favorite Day Strawberry Whipped Cream

Looking for the perfect way to top off an ice cream sundae or a mug of hot chocolate? Target's brand, Favorite Day, just dropped a strawberry-flavored whipped cream, and of course it's pink! A sweet way to add just a little extra to your Valentine's Day celebration, you'll want to stock up while you can, because just based on customers' reaction to the drop, they won't be on shelves for long.

7. Favorite Day Strawberries & Crème Indulgent Trail Mix

Calling all snackers! Favorite Day just came out with a strawberries & crème trail mix, and aside from being adorable with the Valentine's Day colors, it's so delicious. Complete with sweet crème almonds, coated pretzels, M&M's milk chocolate candies, confectionary coated sweetened cranberries, strawberry-flavored shimmer coated pretzel balls, and sprinkle cookies, this is the perfect sweet treat and a hearty snack.

8. Hu Kitchen Valentine's Collection Chocolate Bars

If you're a fan of Hu Kitchen, you'll be elated to know they just dropped a limited edition Valentine's Collection of chocolate bars. (If you're not a fan of Hu Kitchen, you should be!) The flavors include Cashew Butter + Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Crunchy Mint Dark Chocolate, and Cashew Butter Milk Chocolate. With such great flavor combinations and the promise of no unnecessary ingredients, these are flying off shelves. Plus, they're 20% off right now!

9. Chocolate Glazed Donut Smartfood Popcorn

Now this one might seem unusual, but bear with us. This Chocolate Glazed Donut flavored Smartfood Popcorn has arrived just in time for Valentine's Day, and customers have already taken to social media to share their thoughts: "Ummm drooling!" one person wrote in on Instagram. "My two favorites combined!" Get your hands on them while you can, because these are limited edition, and won't be back until next year!