4 products to draw attention to your eyes while wearing a mask, according to this celebrity makeup artist

According to this celebrity makeup artist, 4 products to draw attention to your eyes while wearing a mask

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NURYS CASTILLO: What's up, guys? I'm Nurys, and this is "Accidental Beauty Blogger-- At Home Edition."


Today, I have a very special guest, Vincent Oquendo, who is a globally-recognized makeup artist known for his bold and creative vision. He's going to help me make my eyes pop, because let's be real. That's really all people are seeing nowadays because we got to wear this thing. Mm-hmm. Hello!


NURYS CASTILLO: So excited to have you here because I know I'm going to have a really fun time with you. We, more than ever, need to wear these masks. I need something to really highlight these eyes.

VINCENT OQUENDO: My first product is Lumify.

NURYS CASTILLO: I love that you use this because I was like, oh, wow. Eye drops. It's such an easy little thing. Yes, we need to take care of those eyes.

VINCENT OQUENDO: For me, I put one drop in each eye to really brighten and whiten any eye before any makeup. Lumify has become one of my kit staples because it just-- look at that.



NURYS CASTILLO: Yeah, I know. Yes, you're right.

VINCENT OQUENDO: It really works. I'm going to recommend the Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Concealer. The reason why I love two is because one you're going to use around your under-eye area to brighten. And then the other one, you're going to sort of use to sculpt and highlight.

First, you're going to take your 301.


VINCENT OQUENDO: It has a peanut applicator, so it allows for you to have a generous application if you want to. So for right now, we're going right here. And we're going to use it vertically. And then I'm going to take it, and I'm going to go right here under your brow bone--


VINCENT OQUENDO: --and under your brow. And we're going to bring it out and on the cheek plane.

NURYS CASTILLO: Oh, that's different. I haven't heard that one before.

VINCENT OQUENDO: Very odd shape.

NURYS CASTILLO: I feel like I'm going to be really, like, snatched.



So now we're going to take our deeper color. For me, it's 304. And for you, it's 303. And I'm going to take that, and I'm going to go on the outer corner. You can take a brush like this, like a typical eyeshadow brush or a blender brush-- whatever you have handy. So now you're going to just buff and blend. The whole point of this little hack of putting the highlighter up here, and blending it, and doing the deeper one over here is you're pulling out the natural shadows of your eye.

NURYS CASTILLO: Wow, you have amazing skin.

VINCENT OQUENDO: Oh my God. Stop it.


You look amazing, too. Oh my God. I love it. How does it feel?

NURYS CASTILLO: It feels really good. It feels really good.

VINCENT OQUENDO: Now I'm going to take the Maybelline Lash Sensational. I'm, like, a mascaraholic. I love it.

NURYS CASTILLO: Me, too. If I don't put makeup on, at least I need mascara and to curl my lashes at least.

VINCENT OQUENDO: You're going to start at the base of your lash. You're going to hold it and do small wiggles. And you're going to go-- the perimeter of your eye. So if you want to go on the outer corner, you're going to just stick it, and you're going to wiggle. You're going to give it a moment to really lay that product down.

NURYS CASTILLO: Vincent, where do you get your inspiration from? Because you have amazing eye looks on your Instagram.

VINCENT OQUENDO: When I look at my client, I'll talk to their stylist, and I'll figure out what the tone is that we're going for. And I'll choose a Hollywood icon that I admire, and everything will have that tone to it. There's a little bit of my style mixed in.

You have to develop a character. And I'm like, would this character wear this? It tells a story. And then I carry that over from [INAUDIBLE] into [INAUDIBLE]. You can really define all the lashes. But if you go a little softer-- like, let's say for the under lash-- you can define them without creating, like, a Spider Woman lash.

NURYS CASTILLO: I love me some under-lash action.

VINCENT OQUENDO: Me, too. Oh my God. I love bottom mascara. So now I'm going to use the Color Strike.

NURYS CASTILLO: I'm excited for this. I've never put something like this on my eyes.

VINCENT OQUENDO: I haven't tried it on my eyes yet.

NURYS CASTILLO: First-timers, OK.


VINCENT OQUENDO: Chin up. And you're going to apply it like you're going to apply it on your lashes. And you're going to start from the middle of your eye, and you're going to do short strokes. And you're going to work your way to the inner corner. You have that applicator that's like a sponge. So if you poke yourself in the eye, which I just did, it's not murderous. [LAUGHS] It doesn't hurt.

I redipped it, and I'm going to go from the outer corner, create that right there-- that little shape. You're not going to have your chin up anymore. You're going to go chin level, and you're going to just connect it right here and pull it out. Garnier Micellar Water, this is my secret weapon to getting that winged eyeliner and getting it super perfect and even.

NURYS CASTILLO: Oh my God. Look at me.


NURYS CASTILLO: [INAUDIBLE] Let's do the other eye real quick, so we can look fabulous.

VINCENT OQUENDO: I feel so, like, bonded.

NURYS CASTILLO: We're going to be besties. I'm going to say it [INAUDIBLE]--


NURYS CASTILLO: We're ready. I'm putting my mask on. I have it here just so people can see how amazing you will look.

VINCENT OQUENDO: I want to grab my mask. Hold on. I'm going to grab my mask. BRB. Drum roll.




VINCENT OQUENDO: Am I an eye model now? Are we eye models?

NURYS CASTILLO: You and I are going to be in all the magazines. If people can't get all these products, 'cause sometimes people can't get all them, what is your ultimate--


NURYS CASTILLO: --must-have? What do you think people will need in order to make that eye pop?

VINCENT OQUENDO: I would say Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops. It's the base. It's the first thing before any eye makeup look.

NURYS CASTILLO: You need to take care of the inside--


NURYS CASTILLO: So [INAUDIBLE] get to the outside. Vincent, thank you so much. I had such a good time with you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for showing me this look. I'm definitely going to be using it now that I could go outside a little bit and have to wear my mask. And please let everybody know where they can find you so they can see all the amazing stuff that you do.

VINCENT OQUENDO: My Instagram is @makeupvincent. So follow me and check out my looks.

NURYS CASTILLO: Yay! Thank you so much! [LAUGHS]


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