4 Design Tips Straight From The 'Flip Or Flop' Kitchen Makeovers

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You're probably familiar with the El Moussas: Tarek's the one with the super hot dad bod, and Christina's the one with revenge abs that almost make us want to put down the cake and head to the gym. But before 2017, the couple was better known for their construction and interior design skills than their tumultuous divorce. So, let's bring it back to that: Here are four tips you can steal from the most stunning Flip or Flop kitchen makeovers.

Patterned tile is your friend.

Make sure you exercise control in the rest of your design, though. When Christina opts for mosaic tiles, she keeps the cabinets and walls super simple. And if graphic squares are too much of a commitment, take inspiration from Christina's layouts. How you place your tiles - in a chevron or vertical brickwork formation - can act as a pattern, too.

Wood is not just for flooring.

When Tarek and Christina aren't fighting over what kind of wood to use - Christina's a big fan of real, expensive hardwood; Tarek not so much - they're actually using it in really unique ways. We've seen the duo cover kitchen islands with the stuff and hang beams form the ceiling. They're also big fans of incorporating the material in adjoining rooms with sliding barn doors or fireplace panels.

Opt for colored cabinets.

We're not naïve enough to think we've seen the death of the all-white kitchen. When you design homes to sell, like Tarek and Christina do, you have to give the masses what they want - and they often want white. But now and again, the Flip or Flop duo gets bold enough to sneak some color onto their cabinetry. When it's another neutral, like gray, Tarek and Christina will use it on both uppers and lowers. But with a more eye-catching hue like cobalt blue, they showcase it on just one set of doors.

Interesting light fixtures can liven up a kitchen.

Cone-shaped pendants are the basic bitches of kitchen lighting: They're super popular, not too unique, and can somehow manage to conform to every design style. And while Christina may be basic in many ways (girlfriend rocks yoga pants like no other), we give her props for her unexpected choices in the lighting department. She's made us realize that a chandelier looks right at home in a sleek kitchen and that disco light-inspired orbs can be surprisingly classy when they're not metallic and spinning.

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