4 Bold Haircuts Every Woman Over 50 Should Try To Instantly Look More Youthful

This story has been updated since it was originally posted to include more expert insight.

Makeup and skincare may be the most effective methods for hiding your age and smoothing your complexion, but getting the proper haircut to flatter your features is an equally as effective way to keep people guessing how old you are and inject some youth into your appearance. For some, a haircut may feel like a chore that you have to do every three months to maintain the health of your locks, but if you look at changing up your style as a mini transformation, there opens up a whole world of stunning cuts to try which will boost your confidence and help you to appear younger. 

As you grow older, if you find yourself uninspired by your current haircut and in need of a change, we pulled together the three stunning cuts that stylists agree will do the most to transform your look for a more vibrant, on-trend appearance. Read on for tips from celebrity hair stylists and experts for inspo to take with you when heading to the salon. 

1. Long, Face Framing Layers

Easing into a new look, giving your strands more layers is one of the easiest ways to inject your style with more youth without chopping off major inches. Face framing layers will help to draw attention to your best features while providing a bit more movement than a straight-across haircut may offer.


“A long haircut with face-framing layers helps keep the length of long hair but thickens the ends up by keeping it all the same length and the face framing layers add movement and volume around the face,” notes celebrity hairstylist Carly Bethel. “This length is great for thicker, longer hair types.” Take inspiration from Jennifer Aniston or Michelle Pfeiffer when learning how to style this look.

2. Wavy Bob

Adding more drama to your classic mid-length cut, a wavy bob is a great way to inject your hair with volume, drawing attention away from any sagging skin or wrinkles and allowing you to appear younger. “When hair is cut into one length it makes the ends fuller, and thinner hair will be thicker with a one length haircut as opposed to adding layers. A one length bob haircut creates a thicker haircut and adds style on its own by being a bob.


This length is great for all hair types,” says Bethel. Looking to add more intrigue to your style? Hair expert and cosmetologist Ghanima Abdullah suggests opting for a side part ala Glenn Close to appear on trend and stylish while adding a bit more movement than a middle part allows.



3. Pixie cut

Celebrity hair stylist Gina Rivera, founder of Phenix Salon Suites, says a pixie cut is one of her favorite anti-aging styles, due in part to its versatility. "It can be worn in so many different ways from slicked back to spikey," she notes. This means there's a way to wear this close-cropped cut that will fit virtually any style preference.


Rivera adds that if you want to look younger, one of the most important factors in a haircut is finding one that softens your features. Luckily, a pixie cut is the perfect way to do that—and show them off! If you really want to spice this style up in an exciting way, Rivera suggests opting for a fresh color.  "Creative choices for color can add extra appeal to this look," Rivera explains. What's more bold than that? When you're not afraid to try out a new, flattering shade, you'll look—and feel—younger than ever.


4. Layered Shag/ Shaggy Bob

Adding bangs to any look, whether they be curtain bangs or traditional fringe, is a great way to hide forehead wrinkles and naturally take some years off your face. This style coupled with a layered shag is especially great for tapping into your youth, looking fresh and more inspired than a basic, blunt bob or mid-length chop.


“A layered haircut with a shaggy fringe creates texture and volume with choppy ends and lots of layers. Although this haircut is making a modernized comeback and currently trending, it never really goes out of style,” says Bethel. For women with thicker hair who are looking to take some weight off for added volume, this is the perfect cut for you.