39 Tweets That Are Honestly Just Way Too Relatable For No Real Reason

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1.Send hahahahas of different lengths to make it seem more genuine:

2.Or retype keyboard smashes or "sjsjsjdjs" because it doesn't look right:

3.Hide our undergarments under our clothes at the doctor's office:

4.Refuse to eat until Netflix loads:

5.Rewind a song back to the good part because someone talked to us when the best part was playing:

6.Or start the song over completely because we weren't paying attention:

7.Start speaking as soon as we sense a sex scene coming on while watching TV with our parents:

8.Get way too inspired and start planning entire career paths in the middle of the night:

9.Get weird anxiety about going to a new place so you check the new place's tag on Instagram to see what people are wearing:

10.Set alarms that are like eight minutes away just to get a few extra minutes of sleep:

11.Have a bag full of plastic bags:

12.Spend our entire lives deleting emails rather than going through and unsubscribing from lists:

13.Buy a pair of athletic shorts at age 14 and somehow still end up with them 10 years later:

14.Feel super fancy eating a Ferrero Rocher:

15.Look at ourselves during a Zoom call:

16.Refuse to see the cashier at the gas pump:

17.Order food on a delivery app rather than drive/walk the five minutes to pick it up ourselves:

18.Serve as the family's unofficial IMDb for every time your dad nudges your mom and goes, "where have we seen that actor before?":

19.Start getting a little too friendly on social media after a couple of drinks:

20.Forget someone's name immediately after they introduce themselves:

21.Pull out our phone to do something, then completely forget to do it:

22.Get our brains a little mixed up when it comes to acronyms:

23.Like...for a lot of acronyms:

24.Laugh uncomfortably at anything serious or sad:

25.Or add "lol" to the end of a serious text so it doesn't seem *too* serious:

26.Feel like our entire day is taken up when we have one appointment:

27.Or a couple errands to run:

28.Say "big stretch!" when a cat or dog stretches in front of us:

29.Smile at every dog we pass, but not the human:

30.Tell our pets we'll be back when leaving the house:

31.Save our appetite (probably too much) because we're SO excited for a certain meal:

32.Stalk ourselves on Instagram after a crush or someone new follows us:

33.Get curious about a scary movie but get too scared to watch it, so just look up the plot on Wikipedia:

34.Watch cartoons after a scary movie:

35.Get "sun guilt":

36.Convince ourselves our low balance is a mistake and check all our transactions only to find we're responsible for every one:

37.Stand naked outside the shower while we pick the perfect playlist:

38.And then just lay down in your towel for like an hour after you get out:

39.And finally, pretend not to notice or count money or a check in a birthday card:

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