39 Self-Absorbed People Who Forgot That Other People Matter, Too

1.This person who DEFINITELY thought they were the main character — look at their car, where they parked, and their license plate:

A car parked in a bad zone

2.This guy, who at least described himself accurately...he DOES sound like a nightmare:

"If I charge, follow me. If I retreat, kill me."

3.This guy, who I can't say I'd want to meet either.

"it's just because they couldn't keep up with my awesome personality"

4.This person, who blocked the view of everyone behind her at a concert:

A woman standing in people's way at a concert

5.This grandmother, who got mad that she hadn't been wished happy birthday yet...at 7 a.m.:

"Happy birthday to my self hadn't heard from my grandson thanks"

6.The person, who decided to put this plaque up on public property:

"For Christine. Did you know you can just put a copper plate anywhere?"

7.This woman, who decided to post a picture of her great-grandson under a more distant family member's birth announcement:

"But you realize I have a new grandson that is a month old today sooo!!!"

8.These guys who took up multiple parking spots just to do their workouts:

People working out in the parking lot

9.The person who thought this was normal...and seemed incapable of thinking of movie theater employees:

Popcorn all over the floor

10.This person, who similarly dumped their trash in the plane aisle, not giving a crap about flight attendants:

Trash in a plane aisle

11.And these people, who left their airplane row like this for others to clean up:

A completely trashed row of an airplane

12.This person, who decided to use a cart retrieval as a bike rack so no one could get a cart:

A person who locked their bike, blocking people from getting grocery carts

13.This neighbor, who got mad a person kept parking in front of their building...on PUBLIC street parking:

"I will call tow truck if I have too & show them you don't live here!"

14.This person, who bragged about cruising in the left lane just because they thought other people's frustrations were funny:

"I cruise in the left lane. Deliberately."

15.This woman, who stopped traffic on the highway to twerk on her car:

A woman twerking on her car

16.This person, who threw a gender reveal and got blue confetti all over their neighbor's driveway and car, then refused to clean it up:

A car and driveway covered in confetti

17.This man, who not only didn't understand climate change, but decided it was good, actually, because he thought it made his life better:

"Warmer the better"

18.This family, who blocked FIFTEEN seats with their bags at a full terminal at the airport:

Luggage blocking seats in an airport

19.This woman, who took up the armrest of the person in front of her WITH HER BARE FEET for an entire five-hour flight:

Someone's feet on an armrest

20.And this woman, who did this with her hair:

A woman's hair blocking someone's screen

21.One more plane one — this person, who blasted a movie at full volume without headphones on their phone:

A person on a plane watching a movie on their phone

22.This rich neighbor, who didn't care that workmen were blocking everyone else's houses, and got passive aggressive about them not being able to afford to renovate their homes:

"Will see what they can do but don't hold your breath."

23.And this neighbor, who did something similar, completely blocking the one-lane road to multiple houses with their car, since they couldn't park in their driveway due to fresh cement:

A car blocking a road

24.This guy, who hoarded practically all the dumbbells in the gym so that no one but him could use them:

A person using all the dumbbells

25.This man and his group, who (according to the caption) cut in line to take photos at the top of this mountain, then took 30 minutes to take photos without letting anyone else take a turn:

A man posing at the top of a cliff for a photo

26.This person, who opened up a fire hydrant for their dog to play in, giving all their neighbors awful water pressure:

A person letting their dog play in the fire hydrant water

27.This woman, who called people incessantly if they didn't immediately pick up, because nothing could possibly be more important than talking to her:

"When someone doesn't answer the phone, my mom calls them over and over again until they answer."

28.Okay, I lied about already having the last plane pic...this person, who really takes the cake for rude plane passengers:

A person's feet touching the ceiling in a plane

29.And this person, who I really hope missed their flight:

"Also me: proceeds to order an 8 dollar latte after the plane is fully boarded"

30.This person, who used their phone at full brightness in a crowded movie theater:

A person on their phone in a movie theater

31.This influencer, who used a local reservoir to take pics of them with their dog...despite the fact that no dogs are allowed because the water in the reservoir is used for drinking water for over 50,000 people:

A person taking photos with their dog in a reservoir

32.This guy, or really anyone who blasts music on a speaker in a public space:

A person with a portable speaker on their back

33.This person, who wanted car safety regulations everywhere to be changed to something less safe for her own comfort:

"Maybe just don't make airbags come out that fast"

34.This person, who blocked the entrance to a store because they didn't want their car to get wet:

A truck blocking a store entrance

35.This woman, who made a huge mess of a shoe store and bragged about it on Snapchat:

"Shoe stores hate when I come in"

36.This person, who blocked a whole walkway on a hike so they could lounge in their hammock:

A hammock set up and blocking a path

37.This car toting a U-Haul, which managed to take up no less than EIGHT parking spots:

A truck and U-Haul taking up several parking spots

38.Even worse, this car that took up four handicap spots:

A truck with a trailer taking up multiple handicapped spots

39.And finally, this person, who blocked traffic to get in the drive-thru lane at Dunkin Donuts instead of just pulling into the parking lot and going inside:

A car blocking traffic to pull into a drive-thru