37 Funny Tweets From The Last 6 Months That Are Providing A Brief Respite To My Cold And Damaged Heart

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1.We didn't have "they're a 10 but" in 2021!

2.Back in 2021, we didn't even know who Vecna was!!!

3.We DEFINITELY wouldn't have gotten this combo of the two memes.

4.Back in 2021, we may have thought it normal to be talking about a dress Kim Kardashian wore, but there's no way we could've known which one!

5.Another one for good measure:

6.Okay I'm sorry, one more:

7.Joker 2 being a musical still makes zero sense to me in 2022, but at least this meme makes sense.

8.As does this one.

9.Without some of the recent trash signs of anti-abortion hags, we may not have understood this reply if we saw it in 2021.

10.Or this twist on it.

11.None of The Boys memes would've made sense in 2021.

12.We would've been real confused about why Kate Bush and Beyoncé were competing last year.

13.Like, "Running Up That Hill" was out, but it wasn't appreciated the way it is today.

14.Last Pride, we didn't have this A+ meme.

15.Last year, most people didn't even know about Heartstopper!!!!

16.And Multiverse of Madness wasn't even out!

17.Last year, we probably would've believed this screenshot was fake.

18.I don't even know if we would've believed people at Amazon had unionized!

19.I don't think we would've believed how high gas prices would get. :(

20.Last year, we didn't live in a world where Elon Musk was considering buying Twitter.

21.We also lived in a world where the Oscars slap had not yet occurred.

22.We hadn't seen Euphoria Season 2 yet in 2021.

23.Like...this would've meant nothing to us.

24.We certainly would've recognized this image in 2021, but we would've had no idea who Rocco was.

25.Last year, we didn't have Barbie set pics.

26.We didn't even have The Batman.

27.Or Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman yet.

28.Netflix's situation wasn't nearly as dire last year.

29.Cannot believe we didn't have Morbius last year.

30.The "'drag will confuse kids' what the hell is this?" meme came from 2022!

31.DALL•E didn't reach peak popularity last year.

32.And Bored Ape didn't get stolen until this year.

33.I would've had no idea what this meme was referring to last year.

34.Can't believe the Kourt/Travis wedding happened this year!!!

35.Along with Kendall cutting a cucumber.

36.Kim telling us, "It seems like nobody wants to work these days" honestly feels like a lifetime ago.

37.And finally, this year Liam Payne basically tried to suggest he was the most successful One Direction member.

Wow, a lot has sure happened this year. What other memes and cultural phenomenons could you never have predicted would become popular this year? Let us know in the comments!

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