You Need These $36 Earrings Beyoncé Just Wore

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Where to Buy Beyoncé’s $36 Date Night EarringsBeyonce/Instagram

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It’s been almost a month since Beyoncé released Cowboy Carter and Queen B hasn’t stopped serving us Western chic yet. One look at the Grammy winner’s Instagram will put your trusty cowboy boots to shame (I mean, she is Beyoncé after all) with her mix of couture ensembles. Although I am not among those who can afford a vintage Versace set on the regular, one of Beyoncé’s many talents is combining both high and low-priced items into her outfits seamlessly. Whether it’s her under $300 iridescent Luar bag she sported front row at NYFW last season or her most recent post debuting her $36 teardrop earrings from 8 Other Reasons, she knows what the people want. And boy, is she a giver because I am adding these to my cart immediately.

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For her latest date night with husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé ditched the Levi’s jeans and wore a monochrome beige suit from Ferragamo. And while the outfit color palette of the night leaned more neutral, the singer has never been basic in her life. To up the ante, B elevated her final look with the help of a few key staple accessories that brought the whole vibe together, including a dark brown leather clutch and her statement-making shiny silver earrings. In her pics, the star had her hair pulled back into a braid alongside some framing pieces in the front, with the earrings truly leaving their mark here.

Say what you want about accessories, but this is proof from Beyoncé herself that the addition of some earrings can really take your outfit to the next step. And they don’t even have to break the bank!! If you need any excuse to refresh your jewelry collection, take it as a cosign from the ultimate fashionista to go treat yourself. I know that’s what I’m going to be doing!

And justttt in case you wanted some more inspo on what other accessories to buy this season, check out our guide to the biggest jewelry trends of 2024 here. (We totally called the renaissance of silver pieces, just saying!).

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