35 Indoor Home Improvement Projects to Complete in the Winter

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If the winter season's cold weather is looming outside, it might be the perfect time to direct your attention to some indoor home improvement projects. Tackling renovations or enhancements during this season can be a fun project that adds value and a fresh aesthetic to your home. Make the most of the winter months by checking some projects off your indoor to-do list.

General Maintenance

  • Replace the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Clean out your fridge and pantry by tossing stale items and checking expiration dates.

  • Replace dated fixtures (especially ceiling fans, since you don't rely on them day-to-day during the winter)

Paint the ceilings in your home (and replace dated ceiling fans).<p>Emily Fazio</p>
Paint the ceilings in your home (and replace dated ceiling fans).

Emily Fazio

Painting and Flooring (Yes, They're Related!)

"Interior painting and flooring are both projects that don’t depend on external weather conditions, making them ideal projects to tackle in the winter," encourages Quinn Babcock, Construction & Design Operations Lead at Block Renovation. "The lower humidity levels in the winter can also make paint dry faster and reduce the likelihood of hardwood flooring swelling or warping due to moisture."

  • Refresh a living space with a fresh coat of paint.

  • Experiment with accent walls or try out new color schemes.

  • Install heated floors, new carpets, hardwood floors, or laminate flooring.

  • Refinish existing wood flooring to give them a fresh look.

Organize and Declutter

  • Update storage solutions like shelves or organizers in a closet space.

  • Get the wish list of local shelters and distribute donations.

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Upgrade Lighting

  • Install new light fixtures to enhance the ambiance of a room.

  • Invest in energy-efficient LED bulbs now to save on energy bills later.

  • Bonus points if you update your light switches and outlets to look and feel more modern.

  • Double bonus points if your new lights and switches integrate smart technology.

Seal Windows and Doors

  • Improve energy efficiency by sealing seams around windows and doors.

  • Install weatherstripping to prevent drafts and save on heating costs.

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Kitchen Remodel

"Winter is a great time to tackle interior renovations, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or finishing a basement," shares Babcock. "Since these are indoor projects, they are not affected by the cold weather, and your home will be ready for entertaining guests come summertime."

  • Upgrade appliances for energy efficiency.

  • Install new kitchen backsplash or countertops for a fresh look.

Bathroom Renovation

  • Upgrade fixtures like the bathroom faucets, showerhead or the vanity.

  • Re-caulk or regrout bathroom tiles for a clean appearance.

HVAC Maintenance

"Repairing or replacing your HVAC will ensure your home remains comfortable and energy-efficient during the cold-weather months," recommends Babcock.

  • Schedule a professional HVAC inspection and any plan for necessary maintenance.

  • Replace air filters and ensure your heating system is in good condition.

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Install a Smart Home System

  • Upgrade to a smart thermostat, lighting, or security system.

  • Enhance home automation for convenience and energy efficiency.

Create a Home Office

  • Set up a dedicated home office space with ergonomic furniture.

  • Improve the functionality of your workspace with refreshed office supplies.

Decorative Upgrades

  • Add decorative molding or trim to enhance the architectural appeal.

  • Install a new fireplace surround or mantel for a cozy feel.

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Insulate Attic and Walls

  • Improve insulation in the attic or walls to keep your home warm and energy-efficient.

  • Close up seams and gaps to reduce heat loss and drafts.

Create a Reading Nook

  • Design a cozy reading corner with comfortable seating and good lighting.

  • Install bookshelves or display cabinets for a personalized touch.

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Art and Decor

  • Redecorate with new artwork, mirrors, or wall decor.

  • Rearrange furniture to create a new layout and atmosphere.

DIY Projects

  • Explore the world of crafting by refreshing an old hobby or finding new one.

  • Try indoor projects that repurpose old items for art projects.