The $33 Side-Sleeper Pillow That Made My Neck Pain Disappear

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When shopping for bed pillows, it’s easy to go with the option that has the most positive reviews on a website or the one that claims to be made of the best materials. Although those are both important factors to consider, what arguably makes the biggest difference is what kind of sleeper you are and whether the pillow in question is designed to suit your sleep position. Back sleepers, for instance, might not want something too fluffy, while stomach sleepers might not want something overly soft. In short, finding the right pillow can take a lot of trial and error, but if you’re a side sleeper and in need of recs, our editors have tested plenty of options that they can speak on. In fact, we have a whole Best List dedicated to side sleeper pillows, and the one that topped the list is currently on sale! For a limited time, you can score the Indulgence by Isotonic side sleeper pillow for just $33 at Macy’s when you enter code VDAY at checkout!

Indulgence by Isotonic Side Sleeper Pillow, Standard/Queen
Indulgence by Isotonic Side Sleeper Pillow, Standard/Queen

Indulgence by Isotonic Side Sleeper Pillow, Standard/Queen

$32.56 (was $74) at Macy's

What is the Indulgence by Isotonic side sleeper pillow?

Filled with synthetic down, this luxurious yet affordable pillow strikes the perfect balance between plushness and support. We deemed it as being medium-firm when we tested it, noting that it’s versatile enough to place in the guest room or bring along when traveling. A 100% cotton cover keeps you cool and ventilated throughout the night. What’s more, not only is the cover removable, but the entire pillow is machine-washable! When Sam, our social media manager, slept on the pillow, she credited it with upgrading her quality of sleep. “I am prone to a painful neck if sleeping with pillows that are too firm or too flat, but this pillow is at the perfect intersection of puffy and supportive that has led to many lovely nights of slumber,” she said. “It’s also held up its shape over many nights, which was great since many don’t.” In other words, the pillow will remain voluminous without you having to fluff it.

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Credit: Macy's Credit: Macy's

What Macy’s Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“I love this brand of pillows! I’ve used them for almost 25 years. The two I bought at Macy’s were change-out No. 3. They are super soft and hold their shape for a long time.” — Susan

“Really fantastic pillows!! Purchased them online not knowing what to expect, and they are super comfortable and plush (without being too squishy or too firm). Highly recommend!” — Jessica

“If you are a side sleeper, you will love this pillow. I have these in my guest rooms, and all my side sleeper guests have gone on and purchased these pillows after experiencing them first-hand. You will not be disappointed.” — Thomas

Other customers emphasized the convenience of being able to wash the pillows, making this buy both comfy and practical. Now that you can get one Queen-sized pillow for $33 (or a King size for just under $40), there’s no better time to try it out for yourself.

Buy: Indulgence by Isotonic Side Sleeper Pillow, Standard/Queen, $32.56 (normally $74)