I'm Dying Laughing At These Scammers Who Tried To Rip People Off And Got Totally And Completely Destroyed In The Process

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If you're like me, then about 79% of the texts you get these days are scammer or spam texts. It can be enough to drive one up a wall and to the left. To the left! Join me, if you will, as we look at some people who absolutely dunked on some scammers.

Take for example...

1.The forgetful scam:

scammer who forgets to send link

2.The Earth scam:

scammer who asks where eartth is located

3.The group chat scam:

scammer who trries to scam a group chat

4.The ramen scam:

a scam text that someone responded to with a photo of their plate of ramen

5.The URL scam:

scammer sends a url that literally says scam chargeback

6.The intimate scam:

person who puts on porn to waste a scammers time

7.The 18th-century scam:

person who says to a scammer they only take payment in chicken

8.The Android scam:

scammer who says they are texting from an iphone but are texting from an android

9.The slice scam:

scammer asking for intercourse and person asking for pizza

10.The puppy scam:

someone signing up a scammer for a bunch of services

11.The Grabaholma scam:

scammer being made to say grabaholma nuts

12.The bot scam:

scammer who is definitely a robot

13.The farewell party scam:

scammer who completely gets wrong who they are talking with

14.The real estate scam:

person tries to buy real estate and someone says there are a lot of bloodstains there

15.The USA scam:

scammer says they are from the fictional state of columbus

16.The business partner scam:

person pretends to be business partners with a scammer and gets them angered

17.The void scam:

scammer asks for nudes and gets met with an existential warning

18.The ticket scam:

scammer getting called out and freaking out

19.The neighborly scam:

someone pretending to be a neighbor

20.The verification scam:

scammer being told to go f themselves

21.The Houston scam:

scammer saying they are from houston but it is revealed they are from nigeriia

22.The destruction scam:

someone responding to a scammers threat by saying they can go ahead and destroy their phone since all they have is photos of pigeons

23.The cat scam:

person who sends a scammer a funny piicture of a cat

24.The Diana scam:

scammer who tries to say they arre diana's friend and getts angry when called out

25.The Office scam:


26.The Medieval scam:

someone sends a nsfw pic and they send a pic of a trebuchet back

27.The ancient legend scam:

person who tells a scammer a long rambling story

28.The scam from beyond the grave:

scammer gets called out on using a deceased person's facebook to scam

29.The scam-a-scammer scam:

person who tries to gett a scammer to buy them gift cards

30.The caregiver scam:

scammer gets told off

31.The Lord of the Rings scam:

person says their name is sauron

32.And, finally, the honest scam:

text reading this is a scam send me money