32 Things They Refuse To Teach You In High School That You Learn Pretty Much Immediately In College

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Once you start college, you'll learn...

1.Things will fly. Oh, they'll fly:

2.Your schedule will be super, super tight:

3.8 a.m. is way too early:

tumblr post about never taking an 8am class

4.Post-skip depression is real:

5.People really don't care:

6.Nothing bonds two people closer than a late night Google doc rendezvous:

7.Your group will always betray you:

8.Assigned seats are a state of mind:

9.Sometimes, a 52 is A-OK:

10.You're gonna live in mystery:

Tweet reading, "High school students worry about grades... Imagine not knowing your grade for an entire semester in a class you are paying for"

11.Every dollar is well spent:

12.Professors will just straight up be on another planet:

13.All the Wi-Fi network names in dorms will give you great joy:

Screen shot of Wi-Fi names

14.Parking will be your number one enemy:

15.Someone is always going to be more confused than you:

Tweet reading, "This freshman was like 'I cant find my class' and we looked at his schedule and he's at the wrong school"

16.Not everyone finds what they're looking for:

17.There are two types of professors:

tumblr post about the two types of college professors, one who is strict and one who is not

18.Ya gotta take a nap:

19."Office hours" has a flexible meaning:

20.You NEED to be specific:

"Write about an entire religion. I don't even care which one but if you make me read more than 3 pages I will end my shit."

21.Sometimes, you just gotta leave:

22.It's the weird people who have it the most together:

23.Liquor bottles are not a decoration:

24.The most wonderful time of year is also the most stressful:

25.Professors are super straight shooters:

"Not that anyone ever comes, but Office Hours are cancelled today."

26.High school numbers don't matter anymore:

27.Your dreams ain't comin' true:

28.Professors are one of two ways:

29.The unexplainable will happen:

tumblr post about someone thinking a random person was their professor but it was just a random person

30.And passing is all that really matters:

31.It's way better than middle school:

tumblr post about how much better college is than middle school

32.And most importantly:

tumblr post about how if a professor brags about their class being hard its a red flag