31 Things From Target That’ll Make Great Gifts For Kids

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1.A Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes that is sure to become your little one's new favorite travel toy. Ditch those annoying musical toys, your babe can now toggle their way through recreated classical masterpieces from Chopin to Mozart and more.

Two babies holding the Baby Einstein Take Along Tune

Promising review: "Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes was the favorite toy for both of my grandchildren. The sounds and lights entertained them and soothed them both. Good introduction to classical music. The handle makes it easy to grab and works as a teether. I bought this one as a baby shower gift." —Leswerks

Price: $9.99


2.And a five-piece toy instrument set to help your blossoming musician jam out. The set includes a ukulele, tambourine, castanet, rain stick, and maraca — it is sure to be a ~hit~ during music time!

Two kids playing colorful musical instruments

Promising review: "My 3-year-old loved her band set and has a lot of fun with the set! The instruments are made of wood, they are well made and nice." —wilhelmina

Price: $39.99 (originally $53.99)


3.A Green Toys wagon to take those musical instruments on tour! My son is in love with this mini wagon and carts everything around the house. We also take it to the park and all his friends want a turn!

Orange wagon with toys inside

*This toy is made from 100% recycled milk jugs and is phthalate and BPA free.*

Promising review: "I got this toy to use as an Easter basket for my 2-year-old son. He is obsessed with anything with wheels, and I figured he would appreciate something like this way more than a regular basket. My son loved pulling it around the house once he figured out it was actually a wagon. The funny thing is that so far he has kept all the toys he got for Easter inside — like they 'belong' in there. The size is perfect for his size. It rolls pretty well on carpet and hardwood floor (still waiting to test outside)." —thecheapsubscriber

Price: $19.99


4.And a Green Toys paddle boat that is great for bath time! Throw on The Beatles while you're at it and make it a sing-along, too — this toy is a must-have item for our bath routine. Plus, it's also eco-friendly!

Baby in a tub with a blue paddle boat bath toy

Promising review: "Great toy for the bath or pool! Both 2-year-old and 5-year-old love it." —LBlake

Price: $11.59


5.A two-in-one LeapFrog "LeapTop" so your little one can foster skills of responsibility and soon be your personal secretary. This gadget can either be a laptop or tablet and is chock full of fun games that will keep the kiddos busy for hours (definitely a better option than sticking them in front of the tube).

Kid typing on colorful laptop

Promising review: "I absolutely love how this can look like a laptop or a tablet. In tablet mode it’s a touchscreen. Little ones can feel like they’re actually using a laptop or tablet but you don’t have worry about them breaking it. It’s quite educational. And then also has fun games! Totally a perfect purchase for today’s environment where most kiddos are exposed to tablets, laptops, and smartphones and want their own at such young ages. Plus you don’t have to worry about them accidentally purchasing something like on a real tablet." —FinnJude2

Price: $24.99


6.A super-dope gemstone dig kit made by National Geographic for your little one to get pumped about gems and crystals. Who knows — they might end up becoming the next Lara Croft or Indiana Jones!

A kid playing with the Gemstone Dig Kit

*The gem-shaped dig brick contains real tigereye, amethyst and quartz!*

Price: $9.99


7.A multipurpose wobble balance board to keep those busybodies occupied and work on their core strength. You could be raising the next pro surfer or skater!

Child balancing on the wobble board

Price: $79.00 (originally $105.99)


8.A cute wooden kitchen play set that will ~spice up~ your kid's playtime. Watch out, Gordon Ramsay, this kitchen is sure to step up your kid's cooking game (they might even start cooking dinner for the whole fam)! 🤞🏽

A kid that is playing with a wood kitchen

Promising review: "Just bought this for my 18-month-old. He loves it! Very good quality, I was impressed while putting it together, which was pretty easy. It is tall but that is nice, it will definitely last for a few years. I put a step next to it so he could reach the microwave but he won’t need it soon. I got the little basket of food by the same company. Perfect." —Cali mom

Price: $99.99


9.And a delicious set of play food to add to the budding chef's imaginary fun. This wood-based toy highlights the four food groups, instilling healthy eating habits at a young age! (With the exception of the hamburger.)

A kid holding a drumstick surrounded by play food

Promising review: "I love buying my daughter quality toys, so when we decided to buy her a play kitchen we searched high and low for quality wood food toys that didn’t break the bank. The quality is great and I feel good knowing they are made out of wood and not cheap plastic." —Ashley Crown

Price: $21.99


10.An orange recycling truck that will get any kid stoked about sustainability! This battery-operated truck comes fully equipped with miniature bins and broomsticks — it also lights up and beeps!

Kid playing with orange trash truck toy

Promising review: "Bought this for a friend's kid who was turning three. It was the first gift he opened, and he wouldn't touch any of the other presents. Completely stole the show. Sorry, not sorry." —merickson08

Price: $39.99


11.A fancy little metal shopping cart to help get kiddos excited about going to the grocery store. My kid loves this thing, and when we go to the store he is super jazzed about helping me pick out snacks!

Young girl pushing a metal shopping cart full of pretend food

Promising review: "This thing gets so much use! We’ve had it for four years and my two littles are still obsessed with it! Highly recommend." —Kelly C

Price: $60.99


12.And a large crane truck that will blow any toddler's mind! My 2-year-old is obsessed with this toy's ability to lift objects (I have no idea why?!) and will play with it for hours.

Kid playing with crane truck and car

Promising review: "If you have a toddler or kid really almost any age this is a must-buy! The quality is great, the buttons make noise, the doors open, and the lights turn on. You can tow a car by using the tow truck or hanging it by the wires. So cool; my toddler loves this and plays with it for hours." —Smalls

Price: $39.99


13.A good ol'-fashioned pack of Hot Wheels because what kid doesn't like zoomin' these classic cars around the room? Just make sure the kids clean them up before bed, because *yikes* they hurt to step on!

Four pack of colorful hotwheels

Promising review: "Great-quality car! Handles all of the playful throwing and accidental drops from my toddler! He loves these, I will be buying more for all the fun different styles" —shoppr

Price: $4.99


14.And a Wild Drive Drag Race Track Set to put those Hot Wheels to good use. This awesome track is sure to pump up any little one about racing cars!

Hot Wheels blue racing track with loop

Price: $32.99


15.An L.O.L. Surprise! OMG Dance Dance B-Gurl (yes, that's this doll's full name) that my daughter is in love with. This funky, modern take on Barbie comes with loads of accessories and is sure to inspire young fashionistas and aspiring B-girls.

L.O.L. Box with hand

Promising review: "Very cool-looking doll! As always, the unboxing experience is part of the fun, and even after the unboxing, the box is still fun! There's a picture of B-Gurl that dances whenever you pull a tab. The doll itself looks awesome! She features highly detailed clothing as always. I really love her holographic sweater. Only issue I had was that the earring holes were a little too small for the earrings, so be careful not to break the earrings! The lights part is also very cool, especially in the dark. I love this doll!" —Funsea

Price: $25.49


16.An adorable mini sequin unicorn backpack to help keep kiddos organized in style! Not only is it fashionable, but its flip-sequin feature makes for a super-exciting sensory experience.

Pink sequin unicorn backpack

Promising review: "My 3-year-old uses this bag for on the go to store an extra set of clothes, a pull-up, a snack, and a small coloring book and crayons. Perfect mini size for a small child." —Bri

Price: $15.99


17.A bag of rainbow Kinetic Sand that is a huge staple in our household. I set up this activity so I can prepare dinner or shoot out an email or two. This sensory-driven playtime helps keep busy hands occupied for hours!

A box of rainbow Kinetic Sand

Includes 10+ tools, molds, and 2 pounds of sand.

Price: $19.99


18.A Fujifilm Instax Mini camera bundle to inspire kids to take pictures in a fun way! This bundle includes a lavender camera, batteries, and a 10-pack of film.

Purple Instax mini camera with film

Promising review: "I like how it has different settings for different contrasts and I don’t like how you can only take 10 pics at a time and the film is so expensive. But I have taken super-cute pictures with it and I have two of them because I like them sooo much." —Haylee K

Price: $79.99


19.A pair of 16-mile walkie-talkies because what kid is not excited about going on a secret mission and communicating their findings from the other side of the house? Trust me, any kid would be stoked to get a pair of walkie-talkies as a gift!

the two walkie talkies in black

Price: $36.99 (originally $43.74)


20.A light-up scooter so your child, niece, nephew, or friend's kid can scoot in style! This take on the average scooter is a fun and safe way for those nighttime strolls around the block. We love it for our after-dinner walk to help get the sillies out before bed!

Promising review:

Promising review: "My granddaughters loved these scooters I bought for them. Within a day they had learned to ride them pretty well. We went out at night, too, so they could really enjoy the variation in the lights." —SusanT

Price: $29.99 (available in four colors)


21.A Strider Classic balance bike that helps little ones effortlessly transition to big-kid bikes. Take it from a cycling mom — the Strider is the only balance bike I trust.

Two kids riding balance bike outdoors

Promising review: "We have two children who have used balance bikes from day one and we just bought this for our 1-year-old. She loves it and it only took about one week until she was flying around holding her feet up balancing herself!" —Alyssa

Price: $89.99 (available in three colors)


22.A light-up hoverboard that totally has ~Back to the Future~ vibes! The full-spectrum LED light-up wheels are sure to dazzle while the Bluetooth pairing and onboard speaker will let you bring the beats!

Feet on a light-up hover board

Promising review: "Easy to use! My 9-year-old LOVES it! The lights are neat as they are within the wheel. The sides of wheels are flat and lights are inside. Using the app, you can change the light and speed settings! Worth the extra $ if you want a sturdy hoverboard to enjoy for a while! Weight limit is 220 pounds so adults and children can use for several years, too." ‚Mandy50

Price: $249.99 (available in three colors)


23.And a Wipeout Dry Erase helmet to keep those noggins safe. This sturdy and stylish design lets kids draw or stencil their art on the helmet, and then erase and start over for a fresh look!

A girl coloring on a teal helmet

Promising review: "Cute helmet and feels like it would do the job it’s meant to do. My daughter loves that she can draw on it and likes to wear it around even when she no longer needs it." —Sandylox33

Price: $24.99


24.A Glow Up Mini Drone that is perfect for kids who are interested in tech — or especially interested in the drone phenomenon. Flip, drift, and climb through the air while performing exciting stunts and fearless tricks! Plus, it's at a price that won't break the bank.

A white light-up drone

Promising review: "My grandson received this for his birthday and it was an instant hit! He loved how it lights up and it has great moves! It has cool landings! Really fun gift!" —SassifrasTea

Price: $34.99


25.A pair of Nerf blasters so kiddos can bring these Fortnite-inspired blasters straight from the video game to real life. Your little *campers* will surely bait their opponents!

a model loading the nerf gun with a foam nerf dart

Promising review: "Kids love Nerf guns and this comes with two so they can use both or share with someone else. This Nerf gun gives off good range and is made sturdy." —Tai

Price: $36.99 for two with 12 Nerf darts


26.A Nintendo Switch Lite that is a more affordable option than the OG Nintendo Switch. So *switch* over to this gaming device and surprise your kids with the number-one quarantine activity of the year.

Hands holding a Nintendo Switch Lite

Promising review: "The Switch Lite is amazing. My kids have the original switch but by adding this into the mix the OG gets less wear and tear and less fighting over it! Great quality!" —Asunday

Price: $199.99 (available in five colors)


27.A Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon kit to get your kiddos pumped about Legos *and* Star Wars. Intended for kids 6 years old and up, this set is perfect for the novice Lego builder. ~May the Force be with you.~

A Star Wars lego set

Promising review: My 6-year-old son absolutely loves this Lego set! The instructions were very simple and easy for him to understand." –Haven

Price: $9.99


28.Or! A Lego Star Wars the Mandalorian & the Child set for kids 10-years-old and up. The Mandalorian was everyone's favorite pandemic show, so you can even help your little Lego builder tackle this set. Also, what good would this list be without one Baby Yoda item?! *This is the way.*

The Child and Mandalorian Lego set

Promising review: "Bought my second set as a gift! Both kids were so excited they left all their other gifts and started building this one!" —Lulugeenie Mom

Price: $15.79 (originally $19.99)


29.And! An AT-AT Walker Lego set for kiddos 10 years old and up (and to keep this Star Wars theme rolling). This set is a blast from the past that is sure to excite all OG Star Wars fans, too! It is 1,276 pieces and comes with six figures — a great *mission* for rainy days!

AT-AT LEGO set with figures

Promising review: "My son liked that this one seems more stable than previous ones. It also has a larger open space on inside where you can put characters." —shelby160

Price: $159.99


30.A Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Wizard Chess set for your little HP lovin' muggle. This set is for children 10 years old and up, comes with 876 pieces, and is sure to be a *magical* experience for all!

Hands with a Harry Potter chess set

Editor's Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found a home in the Harry Potter series and will work to provide a safe space for fans. If you, like us, feel impassioned about trans rights, learn more or donate here.

Promising review: "My grandsons, 12 and 14, were excited about this. Since they love Harry Potter, chess, and Legos, they liked that this set covered all three. They put it together and then they have spent hours playing chess with the set. While somewhat small, the details that went into each chess piece was amazing. Great product!" —Mathmom

Price: $59.99


31.And a Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection book set that will impress the biggest HP fans out there! The set includes the first three Harry Potter books that are beautifully illustrated by Jim Kay. Revisit these classics with your kids at bedtime, now accompanied by fantastic artwork!

Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection books

Promising review: "We bought this for our daughter-in-law's birthday and she absolutely loved it! Everyone in attendance agreed it was an exceptional combination of literature and art." —Matt

Price: $96.00


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