31 People Who Posted Signs That Are Really Hard To Believe Exist

1. This sexist, anti-mask sign is infuriating in about seven different ways:

2. This anti-mask sign screams, "Ugh, not eating here!"

3. And — before we move on — here's one more anti-mask sign that'll raise your blood pressure:

4. Then there's this sign at a store that has, I guess, quite the spitting problem:

5. And this sign for a supermarket with its own gross spitting issue:

6. Speaking of gross, the men who inspired this sign:

7. And whoever inspired this sign (and maybe turned me off potato salad forever):

8. This sign won't turn me off ice cream (because...ice cream), but it's still unsettling:

9. This sign in a smelly elevator explains why it's smelly:

Here it is, easier to read:

Close-up of previous sign asking delivery people not to urinate in the stairs or hallways

10. This sign outside a would-be Lothario's home is, well, awkward:

11. And this sign posted by a bar (gotta be the bar and not the conference center, right?) deserves all the side-eye it gets:

12. This sign makes me wonder what exactly is going on in this store:

13. This sign is less mysterious — I think we all know what is going on here — but it's still quite a sign:

14. This sign in an apartment suggests that living there, uh, stinks:

15. While this sign suggests that living with these neighbors is just as bad (if not worse):

Here it is, easier (sort of) to read:

Close-up of sign talking about neighbors who are "irresponsible owners with a nuisance dog" because "they force their neighbors to listen to the barking," with "ASS" written across it in large letters

16. This sign at a dentist's office definitely makes me think someone died there:

17. And this sign makes me think that there must be a LOT of drug dealing going on if they're using their sign for this and not advertising ice cream:

18. This sign will just plain infuriate you:

19. This sign...I'm going to need gamers to explain to me:

20. And this sign makes me think, Who are these people?

21. This sign exists, believe it or not, to specify that a patio is not a bathroom:

22. And then there's this sign in an actual bathroom, but it's every bit as disturbing:

23. This sign takes a stand against soggy money:

24. While this sign objects to boob and sock money, at least seasonally:

25. This sign suggests pancakes might be the food stoners crave the most:

26. And this sign suggests that this gas station gets its share of high people too:

27. This sign took a strong stance on this issue, for some reason:

28. This sign just makes me feel bad for everyone associated with the Woolworths Neutral Bay car park:

29.And this one makes me feel for this building's custodians:

Sign saying "PLEASE for the love of God do not PEE in the TRASHCANS, there are so many bathrooms in this building JUST PICK ONE AND USE IT"
u/TrippyJay / Via reddit.com

30. This sign makes me want to stop drinking water:

31. And this one...actually, this one is totally understandable:

H/T: r/trashy.