31-Year-Old Cockatoo's Love for New Rescue Mom Is Absolutely Beautiful

Izzy clearly adores her new mom.

The life of a rescue pet is extremely stressful and frightening, even when they've spent their beginning years surrounded by love, too. It may sound like a contradicting situation, but it's exactly what happened to Izzy the cockatoo when she fell into the care of @gabbynikolle. The animal rescuer is no stranger to birds like Izzy, and the two have been bonding like crazy since they met. 

We love to see it! There's nothing quite like unconditional love to bring out the best in someone, whether they're a human or a bird.

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Aww! Little Miss Izzy is so sweet to her mama, and it just melts our hearts. We have a feeling that she knows she's in her forever home! Commenter @heavilymeditatedmom thinks she's "such a gentle beauty," and we couldn't agree more. It's so hard to believe that this little angel was recently surrendered.

"Someone loved that bird with everything they had," wrote @cali_to_sc. That's so true. As Gabby replied, Izzy's previous owner "still does" love her very much, but they had to make the difficult decision to give Izzy her best life. That must've been heartbreaking for everyone! Still, Izzy is so loving and so loveable, so we know she will be adored for the rest of her life with Gabby. 

We think @sabrenabrannon speaks for everyone when she says, "Thank you for being there for this sweet angel baby." It's so special and meaningful to see an animal receiving the love they so greatly deserve. Especially an animal as sweet as Izzy!

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