The 30+ Best Items From the Just-Dropped Target Pride Collection 2023

Even though it’s great to shop small and especially at LGBTQ+-owned businesses during June, it’s hard to also ignore Target’s Pride collection. It’s always fun to take a gander at the goods Target has to offer, normally, but especially during Pride Month. Target is known for its quirky, silly, but also sometimes cute Pride merch. Whether you’re looking to buy one of their funny graphic Pride tees or get some gay items for your dog or cat, Target has nearly everything you can want this Pride.

Again, some of their products are pretty camp—meant either to be worn as a Pride parade costume or by the most eccentric queers—but others are also cute and subtle. So regardless of what your style is, the Target Pride Collection 2023 has got you covered.

In preparation for Pride Month, we gathered 30+ Target Pride Collection products the LGBTQ+ community will love and ranked them. While they're all fab, but some are definitely cuter than others. Since it is really hard to pin a simple-yet-cute t-shirt against a fabulous tulle dress, we’ve sectioned off the rankings into smaller sections. So read on to see our rankings of the best Target Pride Collection offers.

Here at, we're all about sharing products we love with our audience. When you make a purchase on an item seen on this page, we may earn a commission, however, all picks are independently chosen unless otherwise mentioned. 

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Target Pride Collection: T-Shirts, Sweaters and Hoodies

33. “Queer!” Lavender Pride T-Shirt, $16 at Target

This one is starting off the list because it's cute, it's lavender (a sapphic's favorite color) and it has a cute font. Not much more meaning to "Queer!" x4 than the word, but it could be worse.

32. “Busy Thinking About Girls” Pride T-Shirt, $16 at Target

We saw this one last year in their collection, but it’s just too good not to be included here. Plus they brought it back for a reason. This one’s for any sapphic in your life (or yourself) who just can’t not think about girls. We’re not all boy-crazy, you know?

31. “Pride” PHLUID Project Flag Hoodie, $30 at Target

The font on this one is giving Barbie in a weird way, but since the movie is going to be the gay movie event of summer 2023, it kind of makes sense. The letters are made up of various LGBTQ+ flags, which we also love, even if it is a little plain.

30. Proud of You Always Dog and Cat Pride Tank Top, $8 at Target

When we say Target has Pride Month merch for every member of your family, we really mean it. With their various sizes in this cute cat and dog tank top, your pets can get in on the Pride festivities.

29. “Not a Phase” Pride Hoodie, $25 at Target

Whether you're bisexual and were told that you'd grow out of your crushes on girls, or you're transgender and were told you don't know yourself well enough yet, the whole "It's not a phase!" phrase is significant for many members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Celebrate your queerness with this cute hoodie with not only that phrase, but also moon phases. How gay! Plus there are matching soft shorts ($18), jogger pants ($25) and even though the shirt doesn’t match color-wise, the design comes in a pretty teal tee ($15).

28. “Can’t Think Straight” Pride T-Shirt, $16 at Target

This one is, of course, a play on words. Can't think straight while also being gay; you get the picture? The big rainbow brain is a bit... distracting but the cute font of the "Sorry, Can't Think Straight" phrase makes up for it.

27. “Is He You Know” Skeleton Pride T-Shirt, $16 at Target

This one goes out to the online gays. This shirt plays on the cultural way of identifying a gay man in public (think limp wrist, but in a loving way of course) and the question that goes along with that: "Is he... you know..." *whispers* gay? Add in the pink and the skeleton and you have an iconic Pride Month t-shirt.

26. Live Laugh Lesbian Pride T-Shirt, $15 at Target

At first glance, this is a pretty unappealing design. However, if you look at it from an ironic, campy way, it's actually genius. This t-shirt takes the stereotypical, suburban mom decor staple "Live Laugh Love," and turns it on its head with "Live Laugh Lesbian." It's satirical, it's funny, it's fantastic (if it's not sold out yet, that is).

25. Drag Queen Pride T-Shirts: Trixie Mattel Shirt, $16 at Target

Along with many other gay pop culture shirts like Queer Eye ($16) and Schitt’s Creek ($16), Target has launched this year’s drag queen merch and it's fierce.

With major RuPaul’s Drag Race queens like Trixie Mattel, Katya, Luxx Noir London, Monet X Change, Jinx and more (all $16), you can show your support for your fave queen while taking a stand against homophobic policies that aim to oppose drag queens and their entertainment art form of drag shows.

24. “Cure Transphobia” Pink Pride Sweatshirt, $25 at Target

While this design might not be to everyone's liking, the meaning behind it is what puts it at the top of this Target Pride Collection t-shirt list. First off, its design is definitely one of the better Target Pride merch items. But it also is great that you can walk into any Target store and get a sweatshirt urging people to "Cure transphobia, not trans people." A strong and important message always, and especially right now.

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Target Pride Collection: Accessories and Home

23. Pride Glass Coasters, 4 pack for $9.99 at Target

These glass coasters kind of give off "Elementary School Art Class" vibes, but it's kind of endearing. Plus, if you have children these are so cute to have around the house. The sayings are sweet and they feature various Pride flags. If it's your style, definitely go for it.

22. “We Belong Everywhere” Pride Messenger Bag, $18 at Target

In all honesty, this bag would be a little further up the list of Target Pride accessories, but it's marketed as a messenger bag when it's clearly a fanny pack, at least with the way the straps are connected. But regardless, it does have a cute planetary design that says "We belong everywhere," which is so true.

21. Rainbow Slide Sandals, $15 at Target

These rainbow Pride slides are simple, they're great for walking around the house or the pool and they have the colors of the Pride flag. Even though they're not the cutest (stay tuned for those), they'll definitely be useful.

20. Pride Sling Pack, $18 at Target

Target's Pride Sling Pack is subtle... almost too subtle. But, alas, this is great for people who want to carry their Pride with them wherever they go but don't want to be out about it. It's cute for those purposes, of course. And if sleek black 'fits and purses are your thing, this is a great Pride Month addition to your wardrobe.

19. Pride Flag Collar Charm Pins, $10 at Target

This Pride flag collar charm pin is the cutest and most unique accessory the Target Pride Collection has to offer. As you'll see on a few outfits on this list, these are used as a pant accessory. But you can also, of course, use it as the intended collar charm. It has the transgender, bisexual, lesbian, nonbinary and Pride flags, covering a wide variety of identities, which is also nice.

18. Rainbow Pride Door Mat, $13 at Target

This rainbow door mat is cute, it's simple and it's a home decor must for Pride Month. Not only is it an inconspicuous rainbow to maybe steer clear of any passing homophobes, but it's also a rainbow with a couple of extra colors (black and brown) to represent the Philly Pride flag which makes it even better.

17. “Super Queer” Pride Bucket Hat, $15 at Target

If bucket hats aren't your thing, then this won't be either. But if you're a fan of the cool brimmed hat, this one is one you need to add to your collection. The bright, pastel colors in a color block pattern are already eye-popping. But adding in "Super Queer" on the front is equal parts cute and campy.

16. “Queer Liberation is For Everyone” Checkered Beanie, $15 at Target

This hat also has a ridiculously cute color scheme of orange and pink (lesbian flag anybody?) in a checkered pattern. Plus the patch that says "Queer liberation is for everyone" is an empowering, inclusive message to wear everywhere. Double win.

15. Pride Adventure Platform Sandals, $30 at Target

Remember when we told you to stay tuned for the cuter Pride sandal? Well, these are them. If you're looking for something platform to maybe give yourself a height boost and maybe step up an outfit, the Pride Adventure Platform sandal is for you. But if want more of a strappy, Teva-esque style, the non-platform Pride adventure sandals ($25) are definitely a must.

14. Pride Sparkle Shawl, $20 at Target

While this sparkle shawl isn't something you can wear to work or out to a casual dinner (unless it's your type of style), it's definitely perfect for Pride parades or Pride parties. This item can be worn a couple of different ways, but they're all fabulous.

13. Dog Rainbow Pride Backpack Harness, $14.99 at Target

When it comes to Target Pride's pet selection, this adorable dog backpack harness wins out on the dog front. Does your dog need a backpack? No. Will you stuff it with unnecessary things like treats and poop bags if you get this? Absolutely. Not everything has to be for a functional purpose, you know. Sometimes we can get things that are just super stinkin' cute, right?

12. Pride RV Cat Scratcher, $15 at Target

Finally, the best pet product the Target Pride collection has in its roster is this Pride RV cat scratcher. Not only is it a little nook for your cat to hide in and let out some stress with scratching. It's also adorned with Pride flags, a cute daisy spare in the back and will be one of those pieces in your house that friends always ask about.

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Target Pride Collection: Clothing

11. Rainbow Checkered Short Sleeve Pride Skater Dress, $30 at Target

If you're someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and loves funky, quirky, vibrant clothes that make a statement, this dress is calling your name. But don't worry, if this pattern isn't to your liking, but you like the style of the dress, there is a more subtle black skater dress ($30) that might be more your vibe if you don't want to be a walking Pride parade.

10. Pride Pink Tulle Dress, $35 at Target

Don't let Killing Eve fans see this one, because it's almost a dead ringer for a Villanelle cosplay. If pink and frilly are your favorite things to add to your closet, this pink tulle dress is just the one for you. This would be a hit at any Pride party. Plus this is available in kid and toddler sizes too, so you can plan a very sweet matching Pride family photo.

9. Green “GAY” Pride Boilersuit, $45 at Target

This isn’t the only boilersuit on this list, so stay tuned. But this is definitely the most… outspoken boilersuit on this list, by a long shot.

Not everyone can pull off this green color, but if it's calling your name then this is quite an outfit. While the big word "GAY" written on the back is a little much, the right queer person will pull this off, no doubt about it.

8. Short Sleeve Rainbow Button-Down Pride Shirt, $20 at Target

At first glance, this rainbow-striped button-down shirt is also a bit loud and might not be for everyone. However, the light rainbow colors and the soft fabric can actually be pretty stylish. Imagine it tucked in with some high-waisted shorts or open with a solid tank underneath. There's so much potential.

There are, however, matching shorts and those definitely bring the ranking down a wee bit if you wore them together. But also, be proud to be you, and if this matching set is in your future? Rock it.

7. Kids Pride Rainbow Tutu Skirt, $15 at Target

Whether your kids are tagging along to Pride this year or your little ones just love dressing in fun, vibrant clothing, this rainbow tutu skirt is definitely for them. Use it in the dress-up bin or as a fun outfit.

6. Baby “Be Kind” Pride Jumper, $12 at Target

Another sweet-yet-subtle Pride product comes in the form of this baby jumper. It's subtle thanks to it just being black with a small rainbow on the front, so you can put your kid in Pride clothing without annoying people saying anything. Plus the "Be kind" message and the sweet little cuffed shorts are too cute to pass up.

5. Pride Adult Shortalls, $30 at Target

These adult shortalls are kind of a match to the black baby jumper, but not quite. Instead of a "Be kind" slogan, this just has embroidered rainbow hearts on the left-side stomach area. But it's just as subtle so that it can go with so many outfits and can be a part of your wardrobe all summer.

4. Target Pride Swimsuit Collection, Bikini Top and Bottoms, $25 separately at Target

The 2023 Target Pride collection has swimwear styles for every body and comfort level. If you’re gender-nonconforming or don’t fit into what is “typical” when it comes to swimsuits for your gender or body (or aren’t comfortable in them), the Target Pride Swim collection has a ton of different styles that are aimed catering to all people and style preferences. There’s a two-piece set (linked above), a color block one-piece swimsuit ($40), a one-piece shorts suit ($40), gender-neutral swim trunks ($28), a rashguard ($35), a swim tank ($30) and more.

3. Pride Lavender Short-Sleeved Boilersuit, $40 at Target

Okay, this is the second boilersuit on this list and thanks to the lack of "GAY" written on the back, this one is definitely the more versatile one. They're shorts and come in a cool lavender color, perfect for Pride Month and beyond.

2. Rainbow Checkered Bath Robe, $35 at Target

One of the best clothing items in the Target Pride collection isn't even something you wear outside (typically). This rainbow checkered robe looks comfy and is the cutest thing to wear around the house. It'll be Pride Month all year with this cool robe.

The best thing in the Target Pride Collection this year is…

1. Drag Queen Bird Pride Decorative Figurine, $5 at Target

Yes, you read that correctly. Above the accessories, the shirts and the clothing items, this drag queer bird takes the cake. She's fabulous, she's fierce and she's an icon. Unfortunately, she's in such high demand that she might be hard to find at your local Target. But if you can get your hands on this decorative Pride drag queen bird, do it. Whether you're a collector of these bird figurines or not, Ms. Drag Queen Bird is a cut above the rest and a great Pride 2023 item to own.

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