These $30 Amazon Slippers Are So Cozy and Comfy I Wore Them for Three Months Straight

Jessica Goodman
·2 min read
Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

From Cosmopolitan

Once I accepted the fact that I was barely going to leave my home for the foreseeable future, I knew I had to invest in what mattered: slippers.

For months, I became obsessed with finding the perfect new pair. I wanted some that were stylish but cozy, subtle but not boring, warm but not too sweat-inducing. Honestly, that's a lot of boxes to check off.

Basically, my feet needed to feel like they were wearing their own little sweatshirts, and I wanted to be able to wear them every single day without getting bored of them or without them falling apart. I wanted them to be machine washable and knock-aroundy enough that I wouldn't have to worry if I dropped hunks of braised meat on them because what else am I doing right now besides slow-cooking stews?

I searched lists, Instagram, reviews, and stores for the perfect pair. My whole feed became dominated by ads for slippers. But finally I decided to take a chance on these simple cuties from Donpapa. They were the right color, the right shape, and had just the right amount of fluff (see: desire to wear mini sweatshirts around my feet). Plus, they had more than 4,000 glowing reviews, and they were affordable at a cool $30.

The verdict:

I'm delighted to say that I have barely taken them off since they arrived. They are just as soft as I wanted them to be (again, sweats on tootsies) and have molded to my feet perfectly. While the fluff can get matted due to consistent wear and love, it bounces back after a quick wash and an overnight air dry.

And, most importantly, they have convinced me that I am one hundred percent a "slipper person."

By that I mean I am now one of those people who keeps slippers at my bedside, so I can step into them the moment I wake. I wear them everywhere—to my kitchen, my bathroom, my living room, and my bedroom. You know, everywhere! Sometimes I'll even take them on a vacation as I empty the trash. Things are exciting for these slippers!

Perhaps I'll continue to wear them even after the pandemic is over... Dream big, right?

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