3 Winter Hair Hacks For More Voluminous Hair

Winter is a magical time of the year but it’s also that time when cold, dry air saps your hair of any moisture, shine, and volume. No worries: there are ways to protect your strands against the harshest of winter elements and volumize your hair. In the winter, hair experts recommend using a texture spray, blow-drying your hair upside down, and using a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair thick.

We spoke with Watson Anthony, a professional hairdresser and the editor-in-chief for Hairstyle Camp, about winter hair hacks for more voluminous hair. Find out more below!

Use a texture spray

Texture spray is a styling essential for thin and flat hair. It adds volume, lift, and texture to flat hair in a way that looks natural. Unlike hairspray, texture spray adds volume without weighing the hair down!

"A texture or volume spray is your best friend during the winter. This spray will help to instantly give your hair volume, and last throughout the day. You spray onto towel-dried hair and then style it as usual, and you will notice an immediate difference in the volume of your hair," Anthony says. It basically gives your hair extra definition while still keeping it soft to the touch. Texture spray is also great for revamping second-day hair!

Blow dry your hair upside down

Another way to ensure thicker hair in the winter is blow-drying your hair upside down. Blow-drying your hair this way adds volume all over by causing the roots to lift off the scalp. Anthony agrees.

"A quick hack to help give your hair more life in the winter is to dry your hair upside down! This will give you some nice added volume without using any products," he notes. "Although products help the volume to last, this is a quick way to give your hair instant volume in a pinch which is helpful during the winter when your hair tends to lie flat." Nice!

Just make sure you avoid the worst blow-drying mistakes for thinning hair. Brush your hair beforehand, put a thermal protector in, start at the root, point the nozzle downwards, don't hold it too close, and don't over-dry. Over-drying hair is not hard to recognize. Many hair stylists describe it as feeling rough or crunchy.

Use a leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is meant to rehydrate your hair between shampoos. Regular conditioner, which is applied after shampooing, is used to strengthen your hair after your shampoo removes all the dirt and oil. While both products are meant to be left in the hair after shampooing, they do have different purposes. Specifically, no-rinse, or leave-in conditioners, are used after you wash your hair and before you style it. They're usually applied to towel-dried hair and are not washed out (read about the benefits of leave-in conditioner for thinning hair!).

"When your hair is frizzy and dry, it tends to look less voluminous and healthy. During the winter it helps to use a leave-in conditioner to combat these issues and provide your hair with the moisture it needs to look healthier and have more buoyancy," Anthony says. It adds a little extra moisture to hair during the dry winter months!

Anthony also mentions you want to avoid adding wash-off conditioner to your roots. Conditioner is a heavier product that, when applied to the roots, will just weigh your hair down causing it to be limp and not voluminous.

So, there you have it: three tried and true hacks from a hair expert. Follow these tips and you'll have thicker hair for the winter in no time!


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