3 Winter Foods That Will Warm You Up And Help You Lose Weight, Health Experts Say

pan with pork roast and sweet potato
pan with pork roast and sweet potato

When winter rolls around, we’re much more likely to crave something warm and hearty than we are to crave a cold salad and raw vegetables–but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health goals. As it turns out, there are plenty of nutritious foods that can hit the spot and warm you from the inside out all while keeping you on track with your weight loss journey. And we’re not just talking about a cup of bone broth (although sipping on that is never a bad idea, either–check out these bone broth recipes!). 

To discover some of the best healthy, weight-loss friendly winter foods you can enjoy while enduring chilly nights, we spoke to health experts Trista Best, dietitian for Balance One Supplements, Lisa Richards, nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet, and Allison Sizemore, certified sports nutritionist and online fitness coach for Couture Fitness Coaching. They told us that sweet potatoes, celeriac soup, and slow-cooked meats are among the best options. Learn more below!


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1. Sweet potatoes

If you’re looking for a quick, simple, but filling option, it doesn’t get much better than some baked or roasted sweet potatoes. This vegetable is definitely a winter staple, and luckily, Best says it’s also great for weight loss. She points out that this tasty food is high in fiber, which “leaves the consumer feeling fuller” and “makes them less likely to overeat at meal times and eat less between meals.” Additionally, Best explains that fiber “removes toxins from the body and keeps the bowels regular, both of which reduce inflammation and weight.” Incredible!

But fiber isn’t the only benefit at hand. It’s also worth noting that sweet potatoes are low in calories, which means not only are they packing in a great amount of nutrients, but they’ll help you reel in that calorie count too. Overall, they’re a great, versatile addition to a range of winter recipes–or you can just eat them on their own!


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2. Celeriac soup

When it comes to foods that can warm you from the inside out, soup is a no-brainer–and there’s really no competition. But choosing the right type of soup to nourish your body with is essential if you want to lose weight; high-sodium canned options or cream-based varieties could set you back in your health goals. Fortunately, Richards offers up one great recipe: Celeriac soup, which is made from celery root. “Celery root is a low-starch vegetable and a great addition to a diet comprised of immune-boosting foods,” she tells us. Nice!

Celeriac soup is great for weight loss for several reasons. As Richards notes, “this soup is low-sugar and  anti-inflammatory which will help to lower the amount of bloat you experience and you should see a difference on the scale.” Additionally, “celeriac is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that improve digestion and overall health, metabolism included.” Sign us up–we’re going to make this soup ASAP.

3. Slow cooker roast

When the days get especially cold, few meals are as comforting as those made in a slow cooker. They’re typically hearty, packed with protein, and complete with a range of tasty, nutritious vegetables. That’s why Sizemore says her favorite warm winter food to aid weight loss is any sort of meat in a slow cooker. “Not only is it simple and delicious, but most slow cooker recipes are extremely healthy,” she says. “You can throw in a pork tenderloin or chicken with a few seasonings in the morning and by that evening, you have a healthy, high-protein base for your dinner.”

So, what’s the best option out there? Sizemore says pork, in particular, is always a great way to go: “My personal favorite is just putting a plain lean pork tenderloin in the slow cooker for 8 hours on low with some rib seasoning and then serving it with roasted potatoes and green beans. Simple, filling, and healthy.” Not to mention delicious!

So there you have it: you don’t have to settle for a boring old salad or even a sad bowl of broth if you want to lose weight this winter. Opting for high-protein, filling, and nutrient-packed options like these will help you reach your health goals and stay warm at the same time.