How practicing yoga can lead to better sex

There are many ways yoga can help improve one’s sex life. (Photo: Getty Images)
There are many ways yoga can help improve one’s sex life. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you’ve spent any time looking at the news lately, you know we’re surrounded by chaos. As hard as we try, we’re not always successful in minimizing the effects of the surrounding bad vibes on our brains and our bodies. As a result, the ups and downs of everyday life can weigh heavy on us. Surprisingly, one overlooked way to reduce the negative feelings is sex.

Sex is one of the best things in our coping toolbox, but it’s also one of the most difficult to perfect. It’s challenging to get your body to work well with someone else’s, and there seems to be a ton of other factors standing in the way of good sex. Low energy, stiff joints, low libido, and general distractions have killed more orgasms than bad news ever could.

Google’s data sets are filled with inquiries on how to improve and enhance our sex lives. When all of the pills and the product promises fall short, many of us are left unsure if good sex is too much to ask for.

Luckily, the route to better sex is less convoluted than you think. Some of the simplest hobbies, like yoga, have the potential to do wondrous things to improve your sexual experience. Yoga’s benefits extend far beyond the obvious. Check out these three ways yoga can improve your sex life.

1. It increases blood flow

Circulation is a major issue for many people.

Increasing circulation offers benefits for the entire body both in and out of the bedroom. But circulation is also an overlooked aspect of sex. Research has proved that exercising regularly can increase the blood flow to the legs and other extremities. Effective blood circulation is necessary to maintain strong erections and promote healthy sexual response cycles in women.

2. It encourages mind-body connection

The hustle and bustle of everyday life occupies a large percentage of our focus. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that it also affects your sex life. One of the most common complaints for women during sex is the inability to minimize distractions and be present. It’s extremely difficult to have an enjoyable sexual experience that you aren’t fully present for.

Attending yoga regularly gives you the opportunity to center your brain in a way that minimizes distractions. By focusing your mind, you can be more in your body and less in your head. Body scans — the process of focusing on each individual part of the body section by section — are great practice for mindfulness. They also provide great practice for relaxing and having good sex.

3. It helps flexibility

If you have a job that requires sitting in a chair for eight or more hours a day, you might deal with horrible consequences for your muscles and joints. Sitting still for long periods of time causes stiffness, which makes it pretty hard to try those sexy new positions you’ve been thinking about. If you and your partner have ever found a position that felt really good but required more stamina and flexibility than you had, yoga is a wonderful solution.

Although this is likely one of the most obvious benefits yoga can bring to your sex life, it’s still one of the best. The repetitive movements and stretches that are done in yoga flows can do wonders for flexibility. It’s the missing element in trying new positions and reducing the amount of pain you feel in the process.

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