3 Unflattering Haircuts That Stylists Warn Age You Instantly

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of haircuts, let’s address the elephant in the room: most experts may advise you to cut very long hair for a more flattering look if you’re over a certain age, but rules are made to be broken. Not every tip will apply to every person. And if you love a look — whether that means a choppy mullet or long hair without layers — then you should rock it without giving outside tips another thought. 

But if you’ve arrived here feeling like you could use a little oomph in the hair department, and you’re not sure where you begin, let Lauren Udoh, the hair creative director of WigReports.com, guide your path. Udoh warns that these three unflattering haircuts can age you instantly. 

“The thing about hair is that it is very personal,” Udoh said. “What works for one person may not work for another. That being said, there are certain hairstyles that can be universally unflattering and can make anyone look older than they actually are.”

1. Wispy bangs:

“Wispy bangs are a type of haircut where the bangs are very thin and do not lay flat against the head,” Udoh said. “This type of bangs can make you look older because they tend to highlight any wrinkles or lines on your forehead. If you have wispy bangs, try switching to a different style of bangs or getting a new haircut altogether.”

Wispy bangs are typically not recommended for those with fine hair because they can make hair look thinner, Udoh added. Instead of the wispy bangs, Udoh recommends trying heavy blunt bangs that hit right at your eyebrows.

2. Ultra-short curls:

“Ultra-short curls are another type of haircut that can age you instantly,” Udoh said. “Instead of Ultra-short curls, try loose soft curls styled around your face.  Loose soft curls flatter any face shape and can be styled in many different ways.”

3. Short pin-up curls:

Short pin-up curls are adorable and super sweet if you’re going for a vintage look, but they can also make you look dated. If your goal is to appear more current and fresh, Udoh recommends opting for long bouncy waves instead. “Bouncy waves are always glamorous and make a statement, while sleek straight hair is chic and classic,” Udoh said. 

As Udoh mentioned, these three looks may be your go-to styles and may look stunning on you. Take your personal style into account before making major changes to your hair.