3 question personality test reveals a lot about the type of person you are: "It made sense"

Singer-songwriter Savannah Outen shared an interesting exchange she had with an Uber driver in 2017 to her TikTok that she believes can reveal a lot about people’s personalities.

“My driver asked me three questions and to this day I can’t forget about them,” she said in the video. “Now I ask new people I meet these three questions.”

The line of inquiry might seem a bit strange at first. But each question comes with a bit of a twist at the end that reveals something about your personality.

“First thing he asked me is my favorite color and three words to describe that color,” Outen said. “Second, he asked me to think of my favorite animal and three words to describe that animal. Then, he asked me what my favorite form of water was and I was like what? And he was like, you know, ocean, rain — and three words to describe that.”

Outen wondered why the driver was asking these unusual questions.

“But then it made sense,” the singer explained. “He goes, OK. Think of your answers. Your favorite color is how you see yourself. Your favorite animal is how others see you. And your favorite form of water is how you view love.”

TikTok users loved the personality quiz which racked up over 1.3 million views.

“This is so accurate, I’m screaming,” one person said.

“The accuracy blew my mind,” another wrote.

“That’s so accurate. How?” someone added.

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