3 ‘Messy’ Summer Hair Trends to Master, According to J-Lo’s Hairstylist

Nikki Brown

Collectively, we’re nowhere near resuming the normal routines we depended on pre-social distancing. But depending on the city or town you call home, it may not be completely outrageous to ponder summer hair trends for this year. Honestly, even if you’re still under stay-at-home orders, mastering a new hairstyle could become a welcome distraction from the monotony of indoor life.

Retailers like Ulta have already opened their doors (with safety measures in place) and if the backlog of hair appointments are any indication, people are more than ready to retire their at-home survival routine. Personally, I haven’t been brave enough to navigate box dye or trim my ends alone, but I am getting just a little tired of sitting in hair masks...

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