The 3-Ingredient Breakfast Michelle Obama Ate Every Single Morning for Years

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It's a classic.

While the thought of eating the same meal every day could make some home cooks cringe, others may love the routine. Whether it’s a meal-prepped dinner or a quick lunch that you know is easy to throw together daily, there’s definitely something to eating the same thing over and over.

A lot of our favorite celebrities have admitted to eating the same meal day after day—like Jennifer Garner and Allrecipes cover star Savannah Guthrie. And it makes sense, between running around from set to the red carpet or just trying to get a meal in after co-anchoring one of America’s beloved morning news shows, grabbing a tried-and-true meal is a great go-to.

However, while Michelle Obama says she ate the same thing for breakfast every single day—it was actually before her busy life as a First Lady took over.

On a recent appearance on the “Your Mama’s Kitchen” podcast, Obama said she ate the same breakfast every single morning growing up, not because of a time crunch, but because she didn’t really like anything else.

“I was kind of a picky eater. I didn't like any breakfast, anything,” Obama said. “I was really stubborn. I hated eggs. I didn't like bacon, sausage, all of the breakfast food. So what did I eat? Peanut butter and jelly. Every morning until I went to college.”

She explained that breakfast was a big meal in her house because her brother was a “growing athlete” and would eat cereal, eggs, toast, bacon, and sausage. But because she didn’t actually like those breakfast foods, Obama convinced her mom to let her eat a PB&J every morning.

“It was sort of a compromise that I made with my mother because I thought, well, it's got peanuts, it's protein, a little bit of oil. Nothing's wrong with bread. If we're having toast, why can't I have it in a sandwich form? And jelly. Everybody was having jelly on their toast. Let me just put it on my peanut butter,” the former First Lady said.

We certainly don’t see anything wrong with a daily breakfast peanut butter and jelly—and we know a few other celebs who like them too.

But, Obama said in her 20s, she finally branched out to more breakfast foods—specifically eggs. And now, she loves them.

“I'm big into all of it now. Oh, give me Eggs Benedict. Any eggs any way,” she said.

As for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich? She doesn’t eat them anymore for two reasons. First, eating the same thing every day for years can definitely give you food fatigue.

“You know I think I kind of OD'ed on it. I don't, I don't do it anymore. Now if I sit here and think about it, I think, yeah, that would be nice. But don't keep it around,” Obama said.

That’s because Obama’s daughter Malia was allergic to peanuts, so she didn’t even keep a jar in the house.

“I haven’t had peanut butter in a while,” she said.

Though, we’d like to think that after the interview, Obama went home and made herself a PB&J because who doesn’t love a little nostalgic comfort food?