3 Healthy Ways To Revamp Your Morning Oatmeal For Faster Weight Loss

The food you nourish your body with makes all the difference in your health, especially when it comes to weight loss. And, as you probably know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so choosing the right breakfast is crucial if you want to lose weight. Luckily, if you’re starting your day with a hearty bowl of warm oatmeal, you’re already on the right track to a great day. But adding the right ingredients to the mix can take your healthy meal one step further.

To learn more about ways you can upgrade your morning oatmeal for weight loss, we spoke with Nataly Komova, RD, registered dietitian and fitness expert, Lisa Richards, registered nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet, Johna Burdeos, a registered dietitian, certified weight loss coach Joanna Wen of Spices & Greens, and Dr. Ben Schuff, ND, LDN, Director of Naturopathy & Nutrition at BIÂN. They said the best way to make your morning oatmeal even healthier is to top it with antioxidant-rich fruits, add a protein boost, and choose natural sweeteners. Learn more below!

Top with antioxidant-rich fruits

Antioxidant-rich fruits like strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries make a great addition to oatmeal. Specifically, topping your morning oatmeal with blueberries provides your body with the metabolism boost that you need. The flavonoid anthocyanin found in this fruit helps your body produce adiponectin. This is a hormone that'd been linked to lower glucose levels, curbed cravings, and a boosted metabolism.

"Berries are low in calories at about 32 to 57 calories for a 100-gram serving (depending on the berry), making them a good low-calorie food to add to the diet especially if you're trying to lose weight," Burdeos explains.

Hunnes agrees that berries are good to eat in the morning for weight loss because they are "high in fiber, filled with water, and low in calories." They keep you feeling fuller on fewer calories. She continues: "Regular consumption of berries is linked to a lower risk of heart disease and cognitive decline. You can add your berries to cold or hot cereal, yogurt, and smoothies. The fiber in the berries combined with a protein source like the milk in your cereal or yogurt can help boost satiety. And when you're more satisfied with your morning meal, you're less likely to mindlessly grab a sugar-laden snack or calorie-rich pastry mid-morning." Noted!

Add a protein boost

The next way that you can upgrade your morning bowl of oats is to add protein. Some great proteins you can add include milk, protein powder, and nuts. One nut in particular that is rich in healthy fats and proteins that promote good metabolism is almonds.

Protein is an essential nutrient for metabolism because it requires more energy to digest than carbs or fat. Almonds are a great source of protein, packing in about 6 grams per ounce. Best points out that since almonds are "a harder nut," your body has to work harder to digest them.

And, the healthy fats, like monounsaturated fats, found in almonds are super helpful when it comes to weight loss. These types of fats can help to reduce stomach inflammation, which may help decrease the risk of weight gain. At 14 grams per ounce, almonds are a great way to get more of them into your diet. Incredible!

"Almonds also provide a good source of fiber, which helps regulate blood sugar and keep the digestive tract flowing - both useful for aiding weight loss efforts," Wen adds. The soluble fiber found in almonds can help slow digestion and keep you feeling fuller longer.

Choose natural sweeteners

Another way that you can improve your oatmeal is to choose natural sweeteners. Next time you're reaching for sugar to sprinkle into your bowl of oats for a little sweetness, opt for cinnamon instead. While consuming excessive sugar can lead to inflammation, blood sugar spikes, and weight gain, cinnamon boasts the opposite effect. Health experts agree that this anti-inflammatory spice may help boost your metabolism.

"[Cinnamon] reduces inflammation and hyperglycemia and increases fat burning," Komova explains, noting that it can also "help shed more calories and fight infections." All of these benefits work together to boost your metabolism. "Cinnamon is a natural sweetener with a strong and fabulous flavor," she adds. Now, with a natural sweetener like cinnamon, you won't have to sacrifice the flavor of your morning oatmeal!

Dr. Schuff agrees that cinnamon is one of the best spices to maintain and boost your metabolic rate. "Cinnamon is a versatile ingredient that has been used successfully as an adjunctive treatment of type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease by improving blood sugar management," he explains. This is partly thanks to the fact that it can help manage blood sugar levels. Now, with a natural sweetener like cinnamon, antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries, and proteins like almonds, you won't have to sacrifice the flavor of your morning oatmeal!