3 easy ways to get people to like you

Sarvenaz Myslicki runs a whole blog doling out career advice. In addition to offering interview tips, she also highlights the importance of a good attitude. On her TikTok account, Mysclicki shared three very straightforward and easy ways to increase your likability. The first step is to be excited when you greet people because it “makes people excited back”. “If showing the emotion feels unnatural you could start by verbalizing your feelings: ‘I’m so excited/happy to see you,'” she said in a comment. In the second TikTok, Mysclicki says something to avoid doing is misspelling someone’s name. “Names are the one thing I always re-read even if I don’t proof the rest of the email,” she explained. For part three, Mysclicki breaks down the proper etiquette to employ when someone tells you a story they’ve already told you before. Instead of interrupting them and telling them they’re repeating themselves, Mysclicki suggests saying, “I remember that!” and then adding a detail you remember from the story