3 Dogs Poisoned by Neighbors

3 Dogs Poisoned by Neighbors
3 Dogs Poisoned by Neighbors
labrador retriever at vet dogs poisoned by neighbors
labrador retriever at vet dogs poisoned by neighbors

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News of three dogs poisoned by neighbors has shaken a community in Wake County, North Carolina.

3 dogs poisoned by neighbors

The poisoned dogs belong to Phillip and Jessica Ridley. One of their Labrador Retrievers died in July 2022. A second died last weekend. The third got sick and was hospitalized.

“It’s traumatizing,” Phillip told WRAL News of the first dog’s death. “The dog is loving and caring one minute and 12 hours later he can’t get up and seizing and collapsing due to chemicals.”

After the second and third dogs became ill in a similar manner to the first dog, the Ridleys alerted the authorities. Three separate veterinarians confirmed that all of the dogs were poisoned.

“I have cried so much, I don’t think I have tears left,” Phillip said.

Authorities charged a husband and wife, James and Agnes Goldson, with three counts each of animal cruelty and communicating threats. The couple, who were neighbors of the Ridleys, allegedly poisoned the three dogs. Police arrested the couple on Thursday night. The couple lives off Creedmoor Road in north Raleigh.

Oddly, James is on the board of Saving Grace, a local dog rescue. He was also a donor to the organization.

In a Facebook statement, the rescue announced James’ resignation: “Although he did not have any direct interaction with the dogs at Saving Grace, James Goldston has voluntarily resigned, effective immediately, to avoid any distraction from the important work of the organization.”

The Goldstons had a reputation for poisoning squirrels with antifreeze. The Ridley suspect that their dogs ate the squirrels and became sick.

Couple threatens neighbors and their dogs

The dogs being poisoned is just the tip of the iceberg. Information in the warrants indicates that over the past year, James Goldston sent multiple intimidating letters to the Ridleys.

“If one or both of these dogs put their paws on my property I am going to blow their brains out,” was the text of one letter, according to WRAL News. Another read: “Your daughter is next.”

“It was a nightmare,” Jessica said.

The Ridleys were not the only neighbors to receive suspicious, threatening letters, according to the Wake County Sheriff’s Office.

Each of the Goldstons posted $30,000 bond. They must abstain from contact with the Ridley family. No further information was available on the status of the sole surviving pup.

More information on dog poisoning

While the dogs above were victims of human maleficence, many others die unintentionally due to poisoning. Read up on the most common ways dogs are accidentally poisoned as well as how to prevent accidental poisonings.

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